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    Mercoledì Luglio 28, 2021
  • Take Selfies with Lum and Ranma in TikTok's Rumic Festival Event

    Plus, send in your baseball memories for the site's Mitsuru Adachi event

    Snap a selfie with Lum, Ranma, and many more during TikTok's Rumic Festival event! Users of the short video platform in Japan will be able to use special filters to share the screen with Rumiko Takahashi's manga stars, and win autographed manga. Plus, baseball manga legend Mitsuru Adachi has his own TikTok event coming up. Find out about both after the jump!

  • Anime Expo Confirms Return to Live Conventions for 2022

    Decision announced as part of massive U.S. event's 30th anniversary

    Anime Expo, one of North America's biggest and best known anime conventions, will be going face-to-face once again next year. The announcement was made as part of a press release detailing this year's Anime Expo Lite. Get the details after the jump!

  • Lunedì Luglio 26, 2021
  • Science SARU's Film Inu-Oh Announces Lead Cast, Drops Trailer

    Musical movie based on real-life Noh performer selected for 78th Venice International Film Festival

    Science SARU has just dropped a trailer for Inu-Oh, their delayed musical film based oh the legend of a real Noh performer. The two leads have also been announced — plus, the film has been selected to compete at the next Venice Film Festival. Get a first look at the trailer and cast after the jump!

  • Domenica Luglio 25, 2021
  • Shaman King Makes a Delicious Return at Upcoming Collab Café

    Dine on series-inspired dishes and check out the adorable key art

    Shaman King is making a big anniversary return, and there's a tasty collab café around the corner to celebrate! Shibuya's Chugai Grace Café is hosting a limited-time event with series-inspired food and merchandise. Take an advance look at the menu and goods after the jump!

  • Sabato Luglio 24, 2021
  • Someone Calculated What It Costs to Fire Evangelion's Positron Rifle

    It's a lot

    In episode 6 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, NERV defeats an Angel by rerouting the entire electric output of Japan into a positron rifle. One fan wondered — could there have been another way? Find out if solar power could have been the answer (and how much it would have cost) after the jump!

  • Venerdì Luglio 23, 2021
  • Get Your Own Butterfly Mansion Pajamas and Nap Like a Demon Slayer

    New Bancolle! satin pajamas let you rest up Tanjiro style

    Ever thought those pajamas Tanjiro and friends wear in the Butterfly Mansion look really comfy? Now you can get some of your own! Bandai's fashion brand Bancolle! is releasing satin recreations of the jammies our heroes wore in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as they were recuperating. Check them out, and find out where to get yours, after the jump!

  • Lunedì Luglio 19, 2021
  • Good Smile Rolls out PUI PUI Molcar Nendoroids and Moderoids

    The cavy cars will seat your favorite Nendo

    The cavy coupes of PUI PUI Molcar are getting their own line of Good Smile figures! A flocked Nendoroid of Potato will seat your favorite normal-sized Nendo, and a series of Moderoids lets you assemble your own model molcars. Check them out after the jump!

  • HIDIVE to Stream "See-Through" Version of Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

    Steam and god rays are for cowards

    HIDIVE is adding a third edition of its ecchi summer stream Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory. If the fully censored and fully uncensored versions don't do it for you, a "See-Through" version will give you the best of both worlds. Find out more after the jump!

  • Domenica Luglio 18, 2021
  • Shuhei Kita and Nami Tamaki Suit up for Heroic Roles in Getter Robo Arc OP MV

    JAM Project's latest anime opening is now available to listen to on YouTube

    This summer's epic mecha anime Getter Robo Arc opens with the equally epic "Bloodlines ~Unmei no Ketto~" from JAM Project. The music video is now out for the theme, guest starring two more anison greats as they suit up to face a larger-than-life threat. Hit the jump to watch!

  • Sabato Luglio 17, 2021
  • Protect Your Assets with Evangelion A.T. Field Boxers

    New line of Eva goods includes undies, pass cases, carabiners, and more

    You can't get much more protective than literal A.T. Field boxers — and yes, they do exist! A new line of Evangelion goods from Animo includes undies, pass cases, and other accessories and useful goods. Browse them after the jump!

  • Mercoledì Luglio 14, 2021
  • Ereshkigal's Selfie Game is On Point in New Fate/Grand Carnival Visual

    "Season 2" of the crossover OVA lands in September

    It's time to go to the beach! A new key visual for Fate/Grand Carnival, the OVA where Fate/Grand Order gets the Carnival Phantasm treatment, has dropped. Check out Ereshkigal, Osakabehime, and friends after the jump!

  • Martedì Luglio 13, 2021
  • Japan 2.5D Stage Play World Streams Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Sailor Moon Musicals

    Special-effects stage shows will be aired this August with English subtitles

    Ever wished you could see Japan's epic 2.5D stage musicals? Next month, you can! An online festival will air subtitled videos of Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, and Naruto onstage. Get all the details after the jump!

  • Lunedì Luglio 12, 2021
  • Laid-Back Camp Cushions Include Smooshy-Faced Middle School Nadeshiko

    Mugs, soft cushions, and eco bags are now available for pre-order from Village Vanguard

    Cuddle up with some new Laid-Back Camp merch, including mugs and cushions — and one smooshy cushion that looks like middle-school Nadeshiko! The goods are up for pre-order now. Have a look at them after the jump!

  • Arina Tanemura's Handsome Heroes Join Forces for Collab Café

    Upcoming "Precious Wedding Party" will mark the third collaboration between the artist and Animate Café

    The many handsome heroes of Arina Tanemura's manga are teaming up for a wedding-themed collab café! "Arina Tanemura -Precious Wedding Party-" features a new menu, lovely key art, and a line of limited-edition goods. Take a peek after the jump!

  • "Great Zombie Exhibit" in Tokyo Keeps ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Hype Alive

    Photo spaces, art displays, and goods are coming to baseyard tokyo this week

    A new exhibit coming to Tokyo will keep the ZOMBIE LAND SAGA hype alive this summer! Shopping complex baseyard tokyo will be hosting art displays, photo spots, and sales of limited-edition goods for Franchouchou fans. Take a look after the jump!

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