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    Domenica Luglio 12, 2020
  • New Evangelion Shirts Turn Memorable Scenes into a Fashion Statement

    The collaboration with jouetie features five unique designs

    Show the world your favorite Evangelion scenes, and put together a cool outfit while you're at it! Studio Khara has paired up with fashion brand jouetie to create a line of five Evangelion 2.0 shirts. Check them out, and find out where to reserve yours, after the jump!

  • Lapis Re:LiGHTs Idol Group supernova Makes Magic in "AO NO SHOUDOU" MV

    Magical idols light up the stage this month

    The Lapis Re:LiGHTs anime is here at last, and it's time to enjoy some tunes from its magical idols! The project's official YouTube account has just released a music video for flashy idol trio supernova—check it out after the jump!

  • Sabato Luglio 11, 2020
  • China to Get Its Own Life-Sized Gundam Statue

    The upcoming Freedom Gundam in Shangai will be the start of the Gundam overseas expansion project

    The Gundam joy is spreading! China will be getting its own life-sized Gundam statue next year. Find out what we know so far after the jump!

  • Celebrate Ramen Day with Anime's Top Ramen Fans

    Anime viewers vote on their favorite ramen-eating characters

    July 11 is Ramen Day in Japan! To celebrate, fans have voted for their favorite ramen-loving anime characters. We have the results after the jump... and we'll just say most of them shouldn't be surprising!

  • Build Your Own Super Pipimi Robot Model Kit from Pop Team Epic

    The "BARI Mode" figure also comes with Sushi Popuko

    It started out as a joke, but they just couldn't resist—Pop Team Epic's Super Pipimi is a reality! A new model kit lets you put together the "BARI Mode" robot from episode 12 of the Bkub Okawa series. Take a look after the jump!

  • Venerdì Luglio 10, 2020
  • Golgo 13 Manga Returns Just in Time for Its 600-Chapter Anniversary

    130 lucky fans will receive limited-edition prizes

    He's back! The long-running Golgo 13 went on hiatus in May, but the staff of the seinen series is back in action—starting with the manga's 600th chapter. Get the details after the jump!

  • Mercoledì Luglio 8, 2020
  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season to Get Live-Action TV Drama

    Mari Okada and Nao Emoto's coming-of-age story also received an anime adaptation

    Mari Okada and Nao Emoto's coming-of-age manga O Maidens in Your Savage Season is getting a live-action adaptation! The news was announced today—find out what we know so far after the jump!

  • Pour One out for Akira with More Devilman Label Whiskey

    WHISKEY MEW brings out its latest curated selection in honor of Devilman Saga

    WHISKEY MEW is bringing out more devilish drinks! The company has revealed its 2020 line of three curated Devilman whiskies, in honor of the end of Go Nagai's Devilman Saga manga. Check them out after the jump!

  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Starts Life in Another World with New PV

    The isekai adaptation is due out in 2021

    Ready to start over? Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has released a new PV featuring new characters and cast members. Learn more about the upcoming isekai adaptation after the jump!

  • Devilman's Dual Journeys to Compassion

    Two different spins on Go Nagai's legendary antihero actually carry very similar messages

    Go Nagai's Devilman adapts a much darker previous work into two distinct stories. But while the two stories take our hero down very different routes, they have a similar underlying theme — one we need more than ever today. Explore the dual fates of Akira Fudo with us after the jump.

  • Never Forget Re:ZERO's Rem with This Beautiful Kimono Figure

    F:NEX and Yoshitoku collaborate to bring you a truly traditional doll

    The unforgettable Rem is the subject of an ornate new figure, hailing from traditional doll-maker Yoshitoku and figure-maker F:NEX. Take a look at the Re:ZERO heroine, and find out where to pre-order, after the jump!

  • Martedì Luglio 7, 2020
  • Touken Ranbu Anniversary Show to Be Live Streamed in August

    The enormous cast will perform without a live audience

    This summer's Touken Ranbu anniversary celebration will go on—online! Touken Ranbu Daienren has just released its packed key visual, plus information on the screening of this summer's anniversary show. Find out more after the jump!

  • Join the Stars of Demon Slayer to Celebrate Tanjiro's Birthday and Tanabata

    July is a festive month for the hit series

    It's time to celebrate, Demon Slayer fans! July means both Tanabata and Tanjiro's birthday. Special activities are underway for both—get caught up after the jump!

  • Lunedì Luglio 6, 2020
  • STAND BY ME DORAEMON Comes to Life at Universal Studios Japan

    A new 3DCG ride will celebrate the sequel to the tearjerker film

    Prepare to travel through time with everyone's favorite robot cat! Doraemon is the subject of the next immersive 3DCG ride from Universal Studios Japan, in honor of the upcoming Stand by Me Doraemon 2. Check out a first look after the jump!

  • Inuyasha Fans: Choose Your Favorite Episode for a Live Stream with the Stars

    Two episodes will be aired with cast commentary in honor of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

    What's the best-ever episode of Inuyasha? You decide! Fans are being called on to vote for their favorites, and the winners will be live-streamed as part of the lead-up to Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Get the details after the jump!