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    Venerdì Ottobre 22, 2021
  • May’n Releases PuraOra! PRIDE OF ORANGE ED Theme MV featuring Beautiful Scenery of Nikko

    "It has become an important song and an important encounter."

    The official YouTube channel for anisong singer May'n has started streaming a two-chorus version music video for her 19th single song "Orange," which is now used as the ED theme for the fall 2021 TV anime PuraOra! PRIDE OF ORANGE. Watch the clip featuring the beautiful scenery of Nikko, the main location of the anime's story.

  • Giovedì Ottobre 21, 2021
  • Tropical-Rouge! Precure VAs to Gather in Online Talk Event on New Film's Release Day

    The highly-anticipated 30th Precure film will open in Japan tomorrow

    On the night of the release day of the feature film Eiga Tropical-Rouge! Precure Yuki no Princess to Kiseki no Yubiwa! (Tropical-Rouge! Precure The Movie: The Snow Princess and the Miracle Ring) in Japan, the anime's five main voice cast members will gather in a special talk event to be streamed live on YouTube. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Anna Suzuki's Waccha Primagi! OP Theme MV Makes You Feel Positive and Radiant

    17-year-old singer's debut single will be available on December 1

    The official website for 17-year-old singer Anna Suzuki has posted a full music video for her debut single song "Dreaming Sound," which is now featured as the OP theme for the TV anime Waccha Primagi! Watch the video that expresses the world view of the song that makes you feel positive and radiant.

  • Bones-produced Netflix Anime Super Crooks Drops Electrifying Full Trailer

    TOWA TEI works on the anime's soundtrack music

    Netflix Japan has posted a two-minute full trailer for the forthcoming anime adaptation of Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's graphic novel Super Crooks. Motonobu Hori (Carole & Tuesday) serves as director at Bones. Check out the "electrifying" clip and the latest information after the jump!

  • Saji's Shaman King 3rd ED Theme MV Tells A Heart-aching Love Story

    The hero and heroine of "Kamen Rider Saber" perform together

    Following the second OP theme "Get up! Shout!" by Nana Mizuki, the Hokkaido-born three-member rock band saji has posted a full music video for their third single song "Hazuki," which has been used as the third ED theme for the reboot TV anime Shaman King since its 28th episode aired last night. Watch the heart-aching love story after the jump.

  • Yu Shimizu's The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy Light Novel Gets Anime Adaptation

    Its latest 8th volume will be released on October 25

    It was officially announced in an 80-second PV for its latest eighth volume that an anime adaptation of Yu Shimizu's school fantasy light novel series The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy is now in the works. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Mercoledì Ottobre 20, 2021
  • Wienners Invites You into A Mysterious Night in Digimon Ghost Game OP Theme MV

    The video and artwork are directed by up-and-coming artist KASICO

    At the same time as the digital release of their latest song "FACTION" (the fall 2021 TV anime Digimon Ghost Game OP) last night, the four-member Japanese punk rock band Wienners posted a full music video for the song on YouTube. Watch the clip that depicts a mysterious night experienced by a girl living in a mansion with ghosts played by the Wienners members.

  • Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Compilation Film Posts 2nd Main Visual & Full Trailer Including New Scenes

    Theatergoers will receive a special visual sheet

    The official website for the forthcoming compilation film Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War has posted a second main visual drawn by the character designer Ilya Kuvshinov and a 70-second full trailer including new scenes. Check them out after the jump!

  • Smartphone Game Gran Saga Releases Special Anime PV featuring Theme Song by RADWIMPS

    The original RPG will be available on November 18

    A new song "MAKAFUKA" by RADWIMPS, known for their theme song works for Makoto Shinkai's anime films, will be used as the theme song for the smartphone game app Gran Saga. To coincide with the announcement, a special anime PV "Makafushigi" has been released on YouTube. Check out the clip that pays homage to the game characters after the jump!

  • Nana Mizuki Shouts in High Spirits in Shaman King New OP Theme MV

    Her 41st CD single "Get up! Shout!" hits stores on October 27

    Following the two teaser clips, the official YouTube channel for anime voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki has finally posted a full music video for her 41st single song "Get up! Shout!," the second OP theme for the Shamain King TV anime. Check out her vibrant performance after the jump!

  • Shinichi Ishizuka's Jazz-themed Manga BLUE GIANT Gets Anime Film in 2022

    The manga has entered its third arc "Explorer," set in the United States

    It is officially confirmed today that an anime feature film adaptation of Shinichi Ishizuka's jazz-themed manga BLUE GIANT is now in the works for a release in 2022. Hit the jump for more details including a message from the author!

  • TV Anime Kono Healer, Mendokusai Teaser PV Announces Its 2022 Premiere, Two Main VAs

    Nobuaki Nakanishi (MANGIRL!) serves as director at Jumondou

    The official website for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Tannen ni Hakkou's comedy fantasy manga Kono Healer, Mendokusai (This Healer's a Handful) has posted a teaser visual and an 85-second teaser PV to announce its premiere in 2022. Check out the latest information after the jump!

  • Martedì Ottobre 19, 2021
  • Quantum's Fantasy Light Novel I’m Quitting Heroing Gets TV Anime in April 2022

    Kensho Ono is cast as the protagonist Leo Demonheart

    It is officially announced today that a TV anime adaptation of Quantum's fantasy light novel series Yusha, Yamemasu / I’m Quitting Heroing is now in the works for a premiere in April 2022. Hit the jump for more information including the first PV with the main character voices!

  • Taichi Mukai Conveys Messages for The Braves in Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai 2nd OP Theme MV

    The Toei Animation-produced reboot series has been simulcast on Crunchyroll

    Japanese singer-songwriter Taichi Mukai has posted a full music video for his latest digital single song "Bravest," which has been featured as the second OP theme for the TV anime Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai. Check out the video filled with the messages to inspire the braves after the jump!

  • Hideaki Anno-edited/supervised Shin Complete Thunderbirds to be Aired in 2022

    "I am grateful to be able to be involved again with The Complete Thunderbirds."

    In 1985, Anno Hideaki, who was 25 years old at the time, participated in "The Complete Thunderbirds," a digest compilation of famous scenes from the British puppet show Thunderbirds, as editor. Its HD remastered edition is set to be aired next year on BS10 Star Channel under the title "Shin Complete Thunderbirds." Hit the jump for more details.

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