Izetta: The Last Witch

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The time is pre World War II that looks like Europe in an imaginary world. A large scale war abrupts and bloody battles are taking place through out the world. Eylstadt is a small country without a strong military force or natural resources. Finé who is the crown queen of Eylstadt decides to use a secret weapon against larger countries which was unheard of at that time to battle against larger countries. The secret weapon was using a witch named Izetta and her magical force to fight the war. Izetta is young (same age as Finé) and the last surviving witch with burning red hair.

Izetta uses her enormous magical power to crash fighter planes and blow up tanks. As Eylstadt starts to win battle by battle with Izetta, people around the world start to call her “Eylstadt’s red witch”. However, there were reasons why witches were hidden through out the history. Izetta’s magic had a lot of dark secrets. Her forbidden power has opened up the door of hope and destruction. This is a story of queen who wants to save her country and young witch who fought for her best friend and people.