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"Welcome to night to shine!"

Phantom thief joker!
We do not only steal!
Audacity! Coming and go most unexpectedly! We cause miracle splendidly [miracle maker]!
With Hachi of fellow for treasure to the whole world!
Well, show is the start!

Convenient phantom thief tool [image gum] which can transform itself into any person and thing if we have seen!
We run through the world using airship [sky joker] and favorite car [road joker] which are secret base!

We are slightly bumbling, but support joker well
Cooking skill is fellow of as good as professional, Hachi of ninja!
The biggest rival who trained himself/herself with teacher same as joker, phantom thief spade!
The succuba theft diamond queen who trained herself together!
We run around the world with such them,
Through trap of police inspector and detectives standing in the way,
Any pinch causes miraculous trick and steals masterpiece and treasure in sequence!

Car chase by favorite car [road joker]!
Escape drama that we did on the stage of luxurious passenger liner!
Survival in south island where mystery remains were hidden!
Art of concealment and espionage battle of ninja partner!
It is confronted gourmet of partner in chefs!
Dance confrontation with popular idol!
Until Time slip case that end is over time and aims at treasure!

Pit‐a‐pat, unpredictable trick and action full loading!
Great adventure fighting scene that there is in anything!