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  • Merciless, even more so beneath the surface.
    Juni Taisen appears on the surface to be a standard action anime - but the divings into backstory of the different warriors and exploration of their philosophical ideas, AND how all this intertwines and influences one another, Juni Taisen becomes a very entertaining blood sport!

    When combat happens the scenes are amazing in regards to animation. The only real downside is that it feels many ...
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  • Trials And Tribulations Of The Modern Otaku part 325
    On one hand the “Why do we spend any time getting to know, or explore the backstories of characters who are just gonna die?” complaint will be popular. Also there’s very little world building or explanation. Conversely this show didn’t promise any of that. And it delivered on what it was selling. The characters are unique and diverse, but at the same time characters based on the zodiac (be it ...
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  • 100% predictable and wastes all of the character development
    Without spoiling anything, Juni Taisen's premise is quite interesting and would seem to be a Fates knockoff with a twist. However, what Juni Taisen fails to do is develop characters over time making the one we cheer for ambiguous. The character you cheer for in Juni Taisen isn't ambiguous because there are no characters the watcher WANTS to cheer for in the first place. They treat character ...
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  • A kind of unique appearance.
    This was little different story telling than that of average. no specific main character, so it was worth watching, but it was that of super interesting nor awesome series. it was just... average. The plot was decent thought and effects/fights were decent.
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    My favorite anime!!!
    I'm just a person who like crazy stuff and this anime seems crazy enough. Many people said that it is predictable but I think it just intentionally predictable. I love the characters and their abilities, and there are some surprise plot to me. Some parts I don't like is the backstories are too long and the ending is quite.. boring. But overall, I enjoyed it a lot!
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  • Who Doesn't Like a Battle Royale?
    Personally, I am just in love with plot lines which involve a free for all where one individual has to stay alive no matter what. It was a great idea to use the zodiac signs as the characters of this anime. I enjoyed the whole anime, even though it became less suspenseful towards the end. I do not know how to explain it... even though I didn't approve of the ending, I still love this anime.
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  • More and less of what you really hope for.
    If your looking for something that isnt just like everything else out there, thats short and wraps it self up in 12 episodes, then you might like this. If you want depth and characters to fall in love with and hope to grow up with them, then you might want to find something else to watch. I liked this mainly because its short and simple. The action scenes were short, but cool. Really cool ...
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  • It had potential but became a total let down..
    When I had first heard about this anime, I was really interested and intrigued considering that it had a very unique concept and of course I liked the whole idea of having Chinese zodiac's fighting each other. To my dismay, this anime turned out to be a huge disappointment. Nonetheless, I still had a good time watching it. Here are some pros and cons for this anime that my girlfriend and I thought ...
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  • just my personal opinion
    this show is great in its own way do not expect anything getting into this show as it does not give you anything you will be let down over and over again but that truly is what makes this show great the fact that it lets you down the fact that it never gives you what you want that's what makes it good and without spoiling the ending it still gives you nothing yet you still yearn for more
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  • Potential that could have actually gone somewhere
    I saw this show thinking it was going to be cool based on a recommendation from a friend. After watching a few episodes, he stopped watching cause he said that it was following the sequence of how each died in order. I was reluctant about it and kept watching.

    I liked how the back stories were given but also I feel like it lacked on some of the characters. Some were given a good development and ...
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