Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House

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    Cute, Educational, and Gentle
    I'm in love. Very chill. If you like very relaxed and gentle story/animation, this is for you. You know what... it kind of reminds me of the vibes from "You and Me" that's what I'm getting from this. AND I LOVE IT

    This very cute story is about two girls, Sumire and Kiyo, that move from Northern Japan all the way down to Kyoto to pursue their dreams of being Maiko. Sumire is a prodigy while Kiyo ...
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  • Such elegant story telling
    The premise may seem a little simplistic, the story telling is elegant.

    We all know about the training that Maiko receive on their way to becoming Geisha, but this anime focuses more on the domestic life of the Maiko, their relationships with in their house, and all centred around the dining table.

    It is sweet and wholesome.

    My only real piece of disappointment, is since we wait month ...
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  • Food anime for the soul
    I've been following this series for years as the manga came out and its one of my favorites to date. Its simple wholesome fun and seeing it animated is a blessing. The 3D fits so well its hard to tell sometimes. This is a great anime to just sit down with and forget about all the problems in the world and just focus on how hungry you're getting.
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  • A Soothing Slice of Life
    It is always a delight to stumble upon a new Iyashikei (healing) anime and I wouldn't be too surprised if this slice of life manages to worm its way into being a classic of the genera. The pacing is beautifully handed moving at a pace that makes 24 minutes feels both like a restful break and not nearly enough time all at the same time. The art is beautifully done and allows you to enter a ...
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