La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~ and ~secondo passo~

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Kahoko Hino, the main character, goes to Seiso Gakuen High School that specializes in music. Her school has two curricula, the normal course and the music course. She was taking the ordinary course and having a normal life until one day, Lili the fairy gave her a magical violin. The following day, the competitors of the prestigious music contest are announced and Kahoko's name appears on the list. All the other competitors are elite students that take the music courses. How will the contest turn out?
The show La Corda D'oro focuses on how she builds her relationships with her fellow players in the concours and how she finds herself in the violin

Localization Credits

Translation: Sam Pinansky (episodes 15+)
Subtitle Timing: Sam Pinansky (episodes 15+)
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