La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~ and ~secondo passo~

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    A Musical Adventure.
    The characters are very well played, especially that of the main character, Hino. It can be a good romance, and seem slow going at times, but overall it is a pretty good series. I liked it a lot. There were some parts I found boring, but not many. I really liked to see whose relationship developed more. In the end it was a satisfying anime, and I very much enjoyed it.
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  • It's and anime that has classical music!
    This anime makes you (if you ever played an instrument) want to pick up the instrument and start playing again. Very inspiring!

    I would have liked to see more of a ending then the cliffhanger ending of secondo passo part 2 however that is fine.

    I feel that being a anime and having classical music ( which i both love) makes it awesome.
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  • Good Themes and Good Fun
    This was a lot of fun. Primo Passo in particular took its time to let you get to know each character and give everyone their own arc, which is something that is often missing in reverse harems. Admittedly, Secondo Passo was just created to advertise a game, so it's two episodes of not as good material. Overall there was good themes and good fun. Also, as a fan of the Suzuki school of music I ...
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    I ADORE this anime. I was a huge music geek when I was a kid up through college, so this show really hit home for me (read: non-music major playing music in a heavy-music college.) I really identified with Kaho and I felt all the same drama she did over music and violin because I experienced it once upon a time (not so long ago). I super shipped her and Tsuchiura (?) the other violinist. LOVED ...
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  • Music is amazing the rest is only okay
    I just finished primo passo and secondo passo and while I loved the music, art and characters the ending has left something to be desired. I don't really get why they introduced 2 new characters in secondo passo... It added nothing. And what a disappointment the finals were after the build up of the whole competition. Plus no real romance at all. That being said I feel like I know a lot more about ...
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  • I liked Music but...
    Host: This anime will reviewed by none other than Rika from Honey and Clover
    Audience: Applause

    Rika: Hello everyone. I must say this anime is by far one of the best anime dealing with music. Even though this was my first music anime, It was quite charming and eloquent in the greatest form of melody. However, it lacked something I believe we were all waiting to see....Love and ...
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  • La Corda D'oro ~ Deserved another season
    This series showed us the value of music and it had a very unique character design. At first I didn't love the idea of her borrowing the talent of others, being that I play an instrument myself, but it really did evolve into a promising anime. I find the plot twist at the third performance intriguing and I love how eventually she puts in a lot of work to become an amazing Violinist.
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