Lady Death

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Cremator strides from amidst Lady Death's mounted generals and announces that all is ready for the advance. Lady Death raises her sword "Darkness" high as the signal to advance. A phantom draws near her feet--it is a demon emissary of Lucifer. The demon transforms itself into the shape of a sharp spear and utters a curse. "You are cursed, Lady Death! You bastard of *demon/Satan and God!" The demon attacks Lady Death. Without a glance at the demon, Lady Death brings her sword down upon him and coldly slices her enemy in two. Her army moves forward at her command expressed with no emotion. The fallen demon's corpse is trampled beneath the hooves of her mount Vassago and the feet of her demon soldiers to disappear beneath the shadow of her advancing forces. Cremator gazes pensively at the retreating figure of Lady Death.
*[Translator's note: "akuma" . . . can also be translated as "Satan." There is some ambiguity concerning the best translation of "akuma" in a few places in the text, so I leave the ultimate choice to A.D. Vision. I have clearly indicated those places in my translation, as above.]