Lance N' Masques

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Warfare and modernization have wiped out the vast majority of knights from medieval Europe. But one order still remains.
The “Knights of the World.”

Yotaro Hanafusa is a descendent of the “Knights of the World.” With the Knight’s Code of Chivalry hammered into him since childhood, Yotaro cannot stop himself from saving damsels in distress. He wears a mask, and is known on the street as “Knight Lancer” but he has always kept his identity a secret.

While on an outing into town, Yotaro saves a 6-year-old girl from falling off the edge of a cliff. Her name is Makio Kidoin, and she is the only child of a powerful business tycoon.
She idolizes Yotaro and calls him “her hero.”

When Yotaro discovers that Makio leads a lonely life in a huge estate, he resolves to protect her. He and his friends disguise themselves as lodgers and move into her mansion.

As the days pass, Makio begins to suspect that Yotaro is in fact the masked “Knight Lancer.” Meanwhile Yotaro realizes that Makio’s existence is his source of power. But their peaceful life is suddenly shattered. A harsh reality and fateful battle await him.

The masked “Knight Lancer” becomes a hero and exhibits his full potential when a girl devotes her love to him…
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