Year Produced: 2004
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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Ninin ga Shinobuden

One day, when a high school student, Kaede, was studying for the examination, a female ninja appeared in her room. She was Shinobu, who was studying at a ninja school to become a full fledged ninja. She came here to steal Kaede's underwear because it was her assignment...

This anime is a slapstick comedy performed by Kaede, Shinobu, and a mysterious creature, Onsokumaru, who is also the master of the school.
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Kaede Shiranui (lead)Ayako Kawasumi
Onsokumaru (lead)Norio Wakamoto
Sasuke (lead)Tomokazu Seki
Shinobu (lead)Nana Mizuki
IzumiMichiko Neya
MidoriChiwa Saito
MiyabiRie Kugimiya