Akio Kawazu
Paranoia Agent
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Akio Kawazu

(川津明雄 Kawazu Akio) Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi (Japanese), Doug Stone (voice actor) (English)
Kawazu is a sleazy tabloid reporter who is currently stuck at a rather harsh point in his life. Heavily indebted, he is also constantly nagged at by the son of an old man (see The Mysterious Old Man, above) whom Kawazu accidentally ran over. The son demands that Kawazu pay for his father's hospital stay, and Kawazu is having a difficult time coming up with the money. In order to make some extra money, he follows the case of Tsukiko's attack at the hands of Lil' Slugger. Trailing Tsukiko, he eventually confronts her and asks her questions about the incident, questions which make Tsukiko feel uncomfortable. Shortly afterward, he is attacked by Lil' Slugger while trailing Tsukiko down an alleyway. His attack proves the Lil' Slugger attacks were not a one-time incident and that there may be a serial assailant at work.

Kawazu's family name is a play on words to the Japanese word for "frog", kaeru. In Japanese folklore, frog characters are often known for being sleazy and greedy. Superficially, Kawazu also resembles a frog, and is even depicted as one later on in episode 5, "The Holy Warrior."

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