Last Name: Koetsuji
First Name: Akisame
岬越寺 秋雨
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Akisame Koetsuji

This article is a list of characters from the anime and manga series Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi created by Syun Matsuena.

Note - the names are in Western order, with the given names first.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

* First appearance: Battle 7
* Type: Sei
* Type: Katsujin Ken
* Martial Arts: Aikijujitsu

Akisame is a 38-year-old philosophical Jujutsu master who was the first master willing to train Kenichi (though ironically he seems to be the only masters that does not believe in him, though this may be an act) and an old friend of Miu's father, Saiga. Despite his seemingly small physique, he is actually known for having his muscles built to perfection. He also has very good insight on people, often knowing if they are troubled or hiding something; he sometimes even knows what a person is thinking, which scares Kenichi.
He has several hobbies and many unique abilities, including being a famous and legendary artisan, who has mastered calligraphy, painting, pottery, and sculpting. He often invents contraptions that serve as both training devices for Kenichi and power sources for the dojo including a treadmill generator. Because of this, in the manga Kenichi often runs home to him in times of problems screaming "DORAEMON!" (complete with dorayaki). He also owns an orthopedic clinic, and can reset and fix bones with ease. According to Kenichi in episode 8, he is capable of unspeakable brutality. In episode 50, it is shown that Akisame does indeed show anger towards Ogata's treatment of his disciple. When Kenichi imitated him in the battle against Ryuuto, Kenichi openly informed Ryuuto that the basics of martial arts is mimicry, this seemed to impress Akisame. Akisame is also capable of speaking fluently in Russian and can even write Russian symbols well even when driving a motorcycle at high speeds