Alex Rosewater
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By Unshou Ishizuka
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Alex Rosewater

Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese), Michael Forest (English) Alex Rosewater (アレックス・ローズウォーター, Arekkusu Rōzuwōtā) is the chairman of the Paradigm Group and the son of Paradigm City's founder. He shows great contempt, hatred even, for the poor of Paradigm and the foreigners living in the city. For Alex, Paradigm's true citizens are those within the domes.

Alex possesses an unquenchable thirst for power, and an "ends justify the means" philosophy. Despite being more or less the absolute ruler of Paradigm City, Alex harbors dreams of even greater power and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Alex sees himself as privileged as being the son of Gordon Rosewater, and at times acts as a "spoiled child", as observed by Vera Ronstadt. Although he appreciates the power of Big Fau, he treats it as his toy, even going so far as to crafting a miniature version of Big Fau to play with as seen in Act 22.

As Season 2 goes on, Alex develops a messianic complex, believing himself to be the only person worthy enough to rule Paradigm City and the one who is tasked with the duty of saving its people from the pain of memories (by killing them); he declares that he will create a new world and destroy those who don't deserve to live in his world.

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