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Voiced by: Emi Shinohara (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)

Angel (エンジェル, Enjeru) is the beautiful woman Roger encounters throughout the series. Introduced in Act:03 as Cassey Jenkins (according to the business card she gave to Roger), investigator for Paradigm Power Management, then again in Act:04 as Patricia Lovejoy, secretary for the publisher of Paradigm Press. Originally a recurring character, Angel was given top billing in Season Two. Her role is that of a femme fatale, the woman who deceptively misleads and ensnares the hero or other males in order to gain some end they would not freely help her achieve. One reviewer calls Angel a “Fujiko clone” with a “body-hugging suit [that] would give Emma Peel a run for her money.”

Angel's back features two large mysterious scars over her shoulder blades, giving the impression that she had "angel wings" which were cut off, leaving Roger to ponder if there really is some higher meaning to her name.[citation needed] At first, Angel appears to be working for Alex Rosewater, and is a spy or secret agent he sends out to "acquire" needed items or information, with the aid of high-tech spy-gear. By day, she is Alex's secretary at the Paradigm Group. She often runs afoul of Roger, and there is an underlying attraction between them which forms a love triangle between Roger, Angel, and R. Dorothy. At first, the "mystery" of Angel was that her real name and past were unknown, and Roger suspected that she was working for Rosewater, though the details were unknown.

However, by the end of season 1 it was revealed that Angel was actually a member of "The Union", foreigners who were trying to infiltrate Paradigm City, and who had their own group of three foreign Megadeus robots to unleash in the finale. Within the Union, Angel was known as "Agent 340". At this point, Angel leaves Rosewater and appears to freelance for a time. However, the mystery of Angel drastically deepens when the leader of the Union appears. In the final episodes of the series, Angel ventures into the unexplored warrens of the ruined underground beneath Paradigm City, and finds an abandoned television production studio which has rooms from her childhood in it, heavily implying to her that her own memories about who she is are a fabrication. The Union leader then appears and tells Angel that she is in fact her mother, though Angel doesn't know if this is to be believed.

The final episode of the series is noted for the plot turning almost surreal and open to interpretation, and the mystery of Angel is brought to new heights: Gordon Rosewater leads Angel away from the TV production floor into an elevator leading out of the studio. Angel breaks down, saying she has no idea who she really is and if her memories are all false.

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