Last Name: Hopachai
First Name: Apachai
Death God of Muay Thai アパチャイ・ホパチャイ
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Thailand
Type: Person
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Apachai Hopachai

(アパチャイ・ホパチャイ, Apachai Hopachai) Voiced by: Hiroya Ishimaru

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

* First appearance: Battle 7
* Type: Dou
* Type: Katsujin Ken
* Martial Arts: Muay Thai and Muay Boran

Apachai is the 28-year-old Muay Thai "God of Death". Despite his lethal skills, he has a childlike nature, which is why he is good with kids and animals (he also happens to have the unique ability to communicate with animals). However, when it comes to fighting, Apachai lacks the ability to hold back, and often nearly kills Kenichi (one incident from chapter 24, Kenichi had to be revived with CPR due to cardiac arrest from an attack by Apachai). The reason for this is because Apachai has been fighting life or death battles in the ring since he was very young, therefore striking with deadly force has become a reflex for him. Since he was saddened by the fact that Kenichi was scared to train with him, he eventually learns how to hold back his strength, though he still sometimes knocks out Kenichi when he enters his fighting mode. He always looks out for Kenichi, and hammers nails into voodoo dolls (a "spell" that Shigure teaches him to bring good luck) whenever he feels something bad will happen to Kenichi. When Apachai talks he frequently says "Apa", sometimes even yelling out "Apapapapa... (pronounced A papapa pa)" whilst fighting or training. He also answers the phone with a "We have your child hostage." rather than a normal "Hello", because of his lack of understanding the Japanese language completely. Kenichi is his first disciple, which may explain his difficulty in being a moderate trainer. He has also mentioned several times that he has trouble understanding japanese which may be another reason why he never holds back despite how much everyone tells him to.