Aquarion EVOL
Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Aquarion EVOL

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Somewhat descent. Somewhat good.

Aquarion EVOL takes place 12,000 years after the original. A whole new cast and a whole new era to look at and things are VERY different. EVOL heavily references the original quite often and wraps things up with what happened to the main characters of the original.

Characters are tolerable or likable. It doesn't have the old feel of the original Aquarion characters, but its good enough.

Action is great and it gets super hype when attack moves are called out.

Story is above average, but the main villains motivations are almost the same as the old one for obvious reasons.

Overall, a pretty good mecha anime and a somewhat acceptable sequel to the name Aquarion. Trust me, there are far worst sequel series and this is one of the better ones.

I normally don´t like robot animes.

First of all!!! I suggest you watch Sousei no aquarion before this so you know what they are talking about. It is older anime and you can totally see it from the style, but full of action and love, just like Aquarion evol. It is worth it. I myself watched Aquarion evol first and I suggest that you don´t do the same mistake!

Animation 3/5
Action is good and you can keep up! The style is not as harsh as in sousei no aquarion anime, which came before. Should we talk about the transformation... ?? Well during the first three edisodes I could not help but laugh. It is so full of innuendos that it takes a while to see it as it is. Two people connecting... inside a huge robot... while screaming...

Character design 4/5
I bit sexualized I think, especially Zessica could have putted a bit more clothes on. But boys are hot and girls are cute, so I don´t complain! I like the powers they have. They give the each character time to evolve and explain their powers. They give the characters some new dept. Like shy and delicate Yonaha has the power of disappearing which we all would like to have sometimes.
I would have loved to see some more differences between the alien race and the human race!

Music 5/5
Amazing opening and ending music thought out the whole series! You really get swept away by the music in the scenes. It carries you through the story.

Story 4/5
It is good my anime standards. You get just enough fanservise, action and comedy without it being just robot fights!
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The Best and Most Painful Love Story Evah!

I found this show not too long ago on youtube. No, not 'Aquarion EVOL' but, just regular Aquarion, the first series. Thanks to a video showing stolen anime kisses I was given a chance to see a beautify written anime with real world properties. No, not how their like OP Power rangers, but the different emotions and events that makes this sow some-what relatable.
A cup of action, a gallon of romance, a dash of comedy, and a spoon full of stress.

Good night 4 me and hope you like this series.