Asa Shigure
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Asa Shigure

Asa Shigure (時雨亜沙, Shigure Asa?) is a character in Navel's Shuffle! media franchise. She appears as one of the main female characters in the first Shuffle! visual novel and in Really? Really!, the third in the series.

Asa is a senior attending Verbana Academy and is in her last year of high school. This makes her at least 1 year older than Rin and Kaede and is good friends with both of them, having met when they met her while she was in Junior High. Taking Kaede under her wing, she trained Kaede to be an excellent cook like herself and as time passed by she would teach her some new recipes to try out for Rin. At the moment she currently lives with her mother. From time to time she'll flirt with Rin, tease him, and give him a nice big slap on the back. However, it was later revealed that there were numerous guys who had a secret crush on her. Nevertheless, nothing much came out of it as she rejected them and the show didn't delve any deeper into the issue. She was nicknamed Shocking Shigure because while her cooking skills are amazing, she doesn't really look like one, much to her dismay. Oddly enough for a girl as feminine as she is, Asa uses the polite-masculine pronoun of "boku" when referring to herself rather than the traditionally feminine "atashi."

Asa is named, using different kanji, after asa (麻), the Japanese word for Cannabis.
However, the word "Asa" in Japanese actually means "Morning".
Shigure (時雨), her surname, is a Japanese word that refers to the frequent rain that occurs during late Autumn or early Winter in Japan.

Asa is voiced by Miki Ito (Japanese) and Monica Rial (English) and was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.

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