Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Jul 26, 2007 to Nov 1, 2007
Episodes: 16
Type: Series
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Seems to do everything right

I haven't ever seen a show such as this! It is amazing and a lot of fun. It starts with the ending of the story and then narrates what happens before. But even when narrating the past events, it is not done so in a serial order. Within an episode, it jumps from year to year and character to character. It seems confusing, but once you watch a couple of episodes you will understand.

The style is different, the characters are amazing, and the music is great. Just watch the opening and you will realized that this show is different from many other animes. The story is like a puzzle; you know how it ends and now will learn how events fits together to get there. Once you see the past events unfold, you wonder how everything happened- how did they meet? how did people on opposing sides become friends?

Why does it seem to do everything right? Because it has avoided many of the pitfalls that other animes have fallen into. With a large cast, it could have had a large number of underdeveloped characters, but in Baccano all the characters are unique with their own looks and character. The story jumps around but in the end everything fits. There aren't loose ends and questions left unanswered. I can't find any fault in the show.

One warning, there is a lot of blood involved. If you don't mind it, give this show a try.
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The Masterpiece That is Baccano


Baccano is a great short series consisting of 16 episodes! The uniqueness of the way the story unfolds is just one of the many aspects to this series that make it appealing. It reminds me of a Quinton Tarantino film with how it cuts back and forth between time periods, and character arcs. If you are looking for a great show that has action, comedy, and is always a fun ride then give this anime a try!


The first episode starts off with two characters discussing a story they are writing & the events of the people that this story follows; the gist of the story revolves around the 1930's Mafia era, following several prominent families, and their members. That is not all though, there is also a special addition of immortality in this story as well! There are 3 separate time arcs that tell this story: how they gained immortality, the flying pussyfoot arch, and the ending to the story!


I havent even seen over 150 anime & even I can't remember MOST of the characters I have seen; however, Baccano really has memorable characters that you grow to love. There are comedic characters that never fail to make you laugh, such as Isaac & Miriam, there are crazy characters like Ladd Russo, and the heroic cool type characters that make for good protagonists. There are quite a few primary characters, it is surprising how well they develop them in only 16 episodes with so many arcs to go through.


The visual appeal of Baccano isn't the greatest, but it is certainly not the worst. The gore helps the show in my opinion; it never gets out of control, but we are talking about Mafia here, so it was nice to see a commitment to reality!
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A Jazzy and Unpredictable Ride!

I love this anime for it's unique setting and the interaction between the characters. Oh, and the jazz! I could listen to this soundtrack on repeat for hours (if my roommate would allow). My single complaint is that the plot is scatter-brained and all of the comedy, action and jazz was clouded by "wait, whats happening?". All that aside, I strongly recommend this! I also recommend this in dubbed for the accents. The subbed doesn't have the same "New York, New York" feel without them.
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I have not been this excited while watching an anime for a looooooooooooooooong time. It fills me with giddy joy just like back when I first got into anime. as many characters as there are, they each feel so incredibly unique and sincere. and I watched the dub based on another reviewer's recommendation which just added a whole other level of enjoyment. hearing their talking quirks and accents and such. it took me 3 episodes to finally start putting the different plot lines and characters together in my head. after watching episode #4, I went back to re-watch the first 3. which I recommend you do as well. because of how the plot lines are presented, this show totally warrants 1st, 2nd, and 3rd viewings to re-experience the excitement again and again. I would totally get this on DVD. I only wish it was longer. I saw this series in 2 days and I was so anxious to uncover more of the story that I kept clicking the next episode and before I knew it I was on episode 15, and then 16, and then the fun was over. I was filled with such sadness to see I had reached the end. because I didn't feel it coming at all. and once you realize your watching the last episode and there is no more story to uncover, you actually think to yourself, that's it? because of the way the plot goes back and forth and twists and turns and all the way the characters are connected, you think there is some grand overall defining plot that is going to explode in everyone's faces, but suddenly you reach the end, and suddenly you feel like everything makes sense. it was so simple! and you let out a sigh of relief at the wonderful happy ending. at least, that's how I felt. now for some specifics.

I gave the music 5 stars as it simply a marvelous asset to the show. it's time period perfection. especially the OP. showing the characters in their element with that wonderful mood spiking jazz (?). usually I skip OP's after seeing them once, but this one was so entertaining to watch i saw it through and through every time and I'm still not sick of it!! I did skip the ED tho so I could hear Isaac and Miria's commentary.

Speaking of characters, let me go through some of my favorites:
Jacuzzi Splott: another reviewer said he hated Jacuzzi but I positively adored him. in the world of big bad mafia men, he was such a delightful contrast. I LOVED his crybaby foible because usually that is reserved for female characters so I loved seeing it on our underdog male protagonist. he is so different than all the usual shonen jump loud mouthed short tempered orange/blonde underdog heroes (Naruto, Ichigo, Edward Elric). he reminded me of Renton from Eureka 7 and Yugi from YuGiOh, both of which are in my top 5 favorite male protagonists in anime ever (especially Yugi. I really love Yugi).

Claire Stanfield aka veno: because Claire takes out bad guys, I loved every moment of Veno's craziness! i mean, it was a bit gruesome to watch at times, but boy did I enjoy every frame with Veno in it.

Firo: i agree with Carol. He does certainly feel main character-ish but never does he overshadow any other character. the balance between them all that the producers created is just so shocking at how well done it is. in any case, as an extremely talented yet emotionally stable modest good-doer kid, he's just watch in his interactions.

Czeslaw Meyer: I am absolutely fascinated by his character. this is a real spoiler -->

Isaac and Miria: they are just a joy to watch. I've seen crazy characters but none so sincere and not vulgar as them (I'd take them over Haruhi (*barf*) always). I don't care if they're thieves. I'd let them steal from me any day! lol. and the one thing you keep wondering throughout the show is if they are together (as a couple).

even the smaller characters on the show were given enough screen time and character development to make you care about them, like Rachel and Elmer.

the one lad I didn't like was none other than Ladd Russo. that ruthless crazy egotistical bastard just freaked the hell out of me. but you know. I was glad he was on the show, because for me he became the one true baddie bad guy that needed to be taken down. the guy I could hate and pin all the bad things on. because I had Ladd to hate, I could love Claire. the one time I was amused by his character was when he was skipping to the dining cart and talking to himself.

the genoards: i have mixed feelings about them. the truth about Dallas was dragged out as some big mystery, and to be fair the truth was surprising.
Eve was assertive enough to balance her delicate appearance and her almost annoying constant mourning of her brother.
overall I wish they had given her character a little extra something else to do other than fret over her brother. although, though she is a typical personality in anime, her affection/gentleness never feels forced or contrived, which is good. and how well she took the truth about Dallas was rather surprising. in a good way.

the character designs were awesome, but I feel there was room for improvement in the animation to be more fluid. and I'm not talking about the OP. but it's not in the least bit terrible or distractingly bad as you sometimes see in naruto.

the gore. surprisingly, there is no vulgarity except for the occasional curse word, which is nothing considering we are in the world of mafia. I believe there were only 1 or 2 F-bombs. both from Ladd Russo I think. (another reason I don't like him.)

what else can I say? in such a short time, this anime has won me over and I wish it was so much longer than it was. but perhaps its briefness is part of its appeal. after all, it never really started or ended. the events just keep replaying in my head and I wonder about all the untold stories in between the ones revealed to us. this anime has brought me such joy that I cannot put into words.

Excellent Story and Storytelling

Baccano! is not an anime I would have picked out on my own, but my roommate convinced me to watch it and I was hooked after the first couple of episodes. The timeline jumps around constantly, so it can be hard to keep track of the chronology, especially on a first viewing, but it worked for the story. While there were definitely characters who felt less developed and who I cared about less, most of the characters had complex personalities, even if they didn't have that much time onscreen. The series definitely benefits from rewatching, or from watching for the first time with someone who's seen it and knows what is happening, but I would highly recommend it.

If Quentin Tarantino directed anime

Baccano! takes place in Chicago and New York in the 1930's. Gangsters are still running around with guns in hand and alcohol in stores with the cops on their tails. Some get shot, and many die, but some just don't stay dead. In a world where killers and immortals make the rules, it's often hard to find time to catch your breath.

This show is an amazingly fun ride through the lives of a cast that's full to bursting. It's funny, yet it knows when to take things seriously. It's often violent and dark, but the story itself feels real. The character are many, but they each make a strong impression in the viewer's mind. You'll be hard pressed to forget these characters after everything is finished. The show takes its storytelling Pulp Fiction style, with its scenes jumbled about like a jigsaw puzzle. The action is intense and grossly satisfying, never allowing a dull moment.

I suggest Baccano! to all those who want a story packed full of action and memorable characters. Also trains.

Mahou Shounen Reviews: Baccano


Plot: Baccano! or ruckus for those who do not speak Italian, uses nonlinear narration to tell three, four, five interwoven Depression Era gangster tales all about a rowdy dirty dozen or so bootleggers, mobsters, immortals, and of course Isaac and Miria, the two goofiest goobers and so best thieves ever.

Verdict: Like a lot of people who do this on the internet I like Baccano!, I like it a lot. The strength is just how fun and deeply inventive both the situations and the characters in them are, but mostly the characters. This really is all about the, their arcs as people, and at times their ideals clashing with each other and the world around them. This really is nothing but what the name says: a violent party of gangster romp, oh and it Tarentino violent, but maybe that is why it is so refreshing. It’s well made with a great cast and a great score to get you in the mood. If you’ve been looking for a cartoon not about crude Family Guys or high school moe da-rama, this is what you need.

Facts: A 12 half-hour episode, 15 if the OVA’s are counted, series; it ends, but then it keeps going. It is based on a series of light, pulp fiction, novels that go well into the present day with its cast. The show Durarara!! takes place in the same continuity and world as Baccano!, but more on that later. It is Funimation and contains most of their lesser known ensembles. The standouts are Michael J. Tantum, Catlin Glass, and Brina Palencia. Did I mention the score is great (see above)?

Justice (where the series is unfortunately hit and miss)

Bechtel-Sarkessian Test: It kind of does…

(Isaac and Miria help Eve Genoard become closer to her family divided by riches, by taking said riches. She agrees to the plan because they are so jovial and genial about it.)

(Isaac and Miria get Ennis to break out of her awkward shell.)

(There is also overall a good mix between the sexes.)

Better than Star Wars: Not really, there are black characters, but they are possessive nouns: Eve's housekeeper and the President's (of the newspaper the Daily Days) assistant: Elean Duga (pictured). Though it makes sense given that it is meant to be a period piece, and the period in question is the Depression, I feel like there could have been a way to make this and the above work considering some of the below.

(Elean Duga, picture says it all.)

Die Hard Test: Nobody in the main cast dies…

Awkward Angle Syndrome: None here.

Suck it Disney: This is where the show soars.

(Here is the proof that hilarity is not just a man thing. Miriam and Isaac, every time they are on screen it is a treat...)


(Here is the proof that a woman does not have to be perfect looking to be a lead: Nice Holystone, plainspoken explosives expert.)

(Everyone is hard on Jacuzzi Splot for being squeamish and paranoid, but he goes through the most growth...)

(...and probably would not have become such a strong leader without his squeamishness...)

(…also he and Nice are a great couple for all the right reasons.)

What can beat this show? NOTHING

If I could, I'd give this show 10/5 stars, but unfortunately I can't.

As to reviewing the show, where do I begin? There are 4 "storylines" each taking place in a different time span. We have a group of Europeans on a ship in the Atlantic in 1711 and three other ongoing plots in 1930, 1931, and 1933 New York City, and we catch little parts of each storyline throughout each episode. And the great part is all of them are so interconnected it takes 5 episodes to understand what the heck is going on in this show. So for those of you who haven't seen it, stick through it for about 5 episodes then things will start making sense. The big question(s) of the series is stated in the first episode: who is the main character and where does this story begin? As for where the story begins, you'll have to find out for yourself. In regards to characters, the same thing applies, but that's where I give my two cents about each character:

Issac Dian and Miria Harvent: Wow. Simply wow. These two are the best anime duo that I've ever seen. It was an utter joy to watch them and their shenanigans on screen. They are so inseparable that I'm reviewing both of them together. They are a pair of lovers in crime, although not exactly the brightest couple. Very much the comic relief of the show, they are always doing something outlandishly funny and always light-hearted in a very violent show. Quite possibly my favorite characters ever. 10/10

Firo Prochainezo: The smooth and suave bada** of the show. A young guy wanting to get into one of New York's camoristas, he works towards that goal and becomes fast friends with a guy named Maiza Avaro. Basically, he's what you'd consider a "good bad guy;" despite technically being on the wrong side of the law, this guy has nothing but good motivations for everything he does, as is the case with several other characters. 8.5/10

Maiza Avaro: Part of one of NYC's biggest camoristas, he is a sort of mentor to Firo. He is also seen in the ship back in 1711 where the immortals first came to be. Saying much else about him would be some pretty big spoilers, so I'll just give him a 9/10 for being the wisest and one of the most likable characters.

Luck Gandor: despite there being 3 Gandor brothers, Luck is really the only one who says much of anything. Head of the Gandor family mob, he's also one of the bada**** of the show. Despite the first impression you get of him as being a tough guy, he's actually pretty loose and not what you'd expect from a guy who is feared in the show. 8/10

Szilard Quates: One of the guys you love to hate. An extremely selfish man, his development is one of revenge and power mongering. One of the few people I can actually give the label of antagonist in the show, it's obvious that we're meant to not like him. At the same time, we see all that he does and despite being a huge prick we come to enjoy watching him in action. 8/10

Ennis: One of Szilard's henchmen (henchwoman?), although she is nothing like her master. Despite being an adult, she very much has the mind of a child and is very naive about how alot of things work in the world. She comes to learn several lessons from characters like Isaac/Miria and Firo. 8/10

Claire Stanfield (aka Vino): I won't say too much about him since his reveal is pretty awesome and not until later in the show. Basically, he is the most dangerous and awesome character. 9.5/10

Lua Klein: Ripped my heart out because her story is so sad. Apart from giving lots of development to Ladd (who I'll explain later), she doesn't really do much of anything in the show. At the same time, I feel the most sympathy for her out of any other character besides Chane (who I'll also explain later). 7/10

Ladd Russo: Holy s*** guys, he is nuts. A man who enjoys killing people like no one I've ever seen. Not just killing people, but people who thoroughly believe they won't be killed. Tied for the second best fighter/killer in the show, this guy is REALLY good at stacking up a body count and loves every minute of it. At the same time, I find it impossible to not love him. Normally I'd be shocked about him punching a guy in the face until he literally spews his brains everywhere, but I was laughing and smiling the whole time. Easily my favorite "bad guy" ever and a well deserved 10/10

Chane LaForet: Daughter to Huey LaForet, a man in prison for certain crimes unknown to us, is extremely bada** because of how great a fighter she is and is pretty even with Ladd (and she fights in a dress!). As well as being a very skilled fighter, she is also one of the most tragic characters. Being a mute for one thing, but is also being manipulated by almost everyone she knows until she meets Claire Stanfield. 9/10

Nice Holystone: Pronounced "niece," she is a woman who loves explosives. One of the leaders of a group of bootleggers, she has a commanding authority despite being pretty loose. A pretty funny character as well, she often lightens the mood of the show with some of her antics. 8.5/10

Jacuzzi Splot: As in every anime, you need that wimpy crybaby and Jacuzzi fits that role perfectly. On top of that however something not traditionally found: he's not a coward. Quite the opposite in fact. Despite all the tears, whimpering, and a REALLY annoying voice, he is one of the bravest and strongest characters in the show. Co-leader of the bootleggers with Nice, they are also a couple and that is often what drives him to be strong. 10/10

Eve Genoard: Just a little girl looking for her older brother. Very much the saint and strong-willed despite being surrounded by mobsters and other similar people. I personally found her to be my least favorite character, so the fact that I'm giving her 7/10 should be a testament to how great this show is.

Dallas Genoard: Older brother to Eve and is the most despicable character in the show. Nothing but a jerk who bullies everyone around him because he can. However, I still enjoyed loving to hate him. 7.5/10

Czeslaw Meyer: A young boy (who's not so young) who has a very twisted and cynical view of life. Severely mistreated and tortured for most of his life, his goal is to get rid of everyone who might possibly harm him. That's just the outside of him. On the inside is a scared little boy who you love and pity. 8.5/10

All in all, this is the best anime I've ever seen. If something else can actually top this, then it was created by God.

xxxxx Gangster Universe xxxxx

Baccano, which is Italian for "ruckus" is just that. The mastery here is a big mess, yet it's a beautiful one. It flows like a mad symphony and it's no wonder Bacc sounds like the name of the composer Bach. Baccano is a beautiful song that plays out some great harmonies. Most anime wish they could execute episodes like Baccano, but they can't.

Bacc's story is a 1940's based murderous tale. The heroins, villains, and undecided misfits feel authentic in their roles while the beautiful animation helps everything feel raw with pizazz. The script is cooked like a nine-course meal where you watch the feast unfold until stuffed. The characters even stand up at this feast, slam their hands on the table, and spew out dramatic musical "choruses" like,

"Even though we are going to shatter thousands of lives, wearing white is gonna make the blood look so pretty."- Ladd Russo.

"This world is mine. I think this world may even just be a long, long dream I’m watching. You guys may just be illusions, and it can’t be proven whether or not you really exist either. In other words, this world was created with me at the center. So what will happen if I die? I don’t know. My imagination isn’t very creative; I just can’t imagine myself dying. In other words, there is no way this world can completely disappear. But if I die, then everyone will disappear." -Claire Stanfield

The complexities are executed with hammering, swing dancing rhythms. Baccano throws us in the air...

Probably the best thing that's come out of Japan

Baccano! is one of those animes you really have to pay attention to. It was awfully hard to get in to , and horribly confusing, but hey, it's 13 episode plus 3 OVAs, not too long, and definately worth a watch. In this review I'm including the OVAs as part of the series, as the ending is rather half-assed and incomplete with out the OVAs. But no matter, I watched them as one, and loved it.
Story: 10/10
Baccano! has a disjointed storytelling style, but that nothing new (remeber Haruhi Suzumiya?). However, it works infinitely better for Baccano!. Nearing the end of the show, I could actually hear the pieces of the puzzles clicking in the head, The story follows many loosely related stories, that all mesh together to form an amazing larger tale, about immortal American gangsters speaking Japanese.
Characters: 8/10
Baccano! is a 13 (16, including the OVAs) series with 12 main characters to develop. Granted, all the characters get some amount of development, but many didn't get nealy enough. They are also not the most believable of characters. They're rather out there and over the top, but are so loveable at the same time. The large and unique cast of main characters more than makes up for it's shortcoming, though.
Art: 10/10
The art is high quality. The characters are wonderfully drawn, and the scenery really shows it's the 30's. Not much to say here, there was obviously much effort put into the art, as with it's sister series, Durarara!
Sound: 9/10
The sound also conveys the historical setting. The OP is a jazz tune that works great with the show, and the ED, while good, is just your typical J-ballad. A unique soundtrack, like Durarara!.

Never write Baccano! without the exclaimation mark. !!!!Seriously. Don't. Exclamation marks are important.
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