Batman: Gotham Knight
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Batman Anime

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Jul 8, 2008 to Jul 8, 2008
Episodes: 6
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Bruce Wayne
Type: Series
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Batman: Gotham Knight

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Batman: Gotham Knights was a monthly comic book series published by DC Comics. The original intent of this book was to feature the exploits of Batman and his extended family - Alfred Pennyworth, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Catwoman, etc. The latter section of the run, however, came to focus much more upon the villains of the Batman.

The series also featured the popular "Batman: Black and White" back-up strip, which allowed various artists with widely varying styles to do their take on the Dark Knight in a black and white format. These back-up strips are also collected in trade paperback form. Contributors to this section include Jim Lee, Harlan Ellison, Gene Ha, Dave Gibbons, and Jill Thompson.

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Bruce Wayne (lead)
Lucius FoxMasaru Ikeda