Bekko (Ferryman)
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Bekko (Ferryman)

This article contains profiles and information for the characters of the anime and manga series Zombie-Loan.

The story follows Michiru Kita when she witnesses Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana dealing with zombies at the school. After realizing what her "eyes" are seeing, she helps Chika and Shito search for zombies. After Chika and Shito save her life by taking on the debt of healing her, she accompanies them until they can repay their debt to the Z-loan Office.

Michiru Kita (紀多 みちる, Kita Michiru?) possesses Shinigami Eyes, which allows her to see a ring on a person's neck, indicating their impending death. However, she has hated her gift ever since she saw dark rings around her parents' necks, who died in an accident after the rings turned jet black. She now wears glasses that can subdue her gift, allowing her to live her life normally. Although, since the death of her parents, she has felt numb, living, but having no will to achieve anything or even care if she dies or not, an attitude which disgusts Shito. As the manga continues Michiru develops the will to live and become stronger to protect her friends. Michiru first meets Chika and Shito in the hallways of her school, accidentally tripping over Chika's hand. After she ends up finding out their secret, they initially think of killing her, but when they find out that she has Shinigami Eyes, they instead inform her that she will be using her powers to help them hunt and fight zombies, despite her protests. After various failures and meeting other members of the Z-Loan office, Michiru comes to accept her new job. She often takes the brunt of Chika's abuse and is initially called '500-yen' by him, because he believes she owes him ¥500. He later begins to call her a "gopher" since she often does what other people ask of her without question. In chapter 32, Michiru starts going out with Soutetsu, but the short relationship ends after the first date. In volume 8 of the manga, Michiru roams around Chika's soul in search for a way to help cure him of his insanity. Later she destroys Carmella by crushing her 'core' during an incident when she and the others meet her and Chitose for the first time. In Volume 10, she accidentally gains access into the WFO and meets some members of the Akashic Record Reform Committee, including Hakka and Shiba Reiichiro. There she is revealed to be a Singularity and not a human. It is also revealed that she has the ability to control space dimensions, an ability that Carmella could control. She is often attached to Zarame, the Grim Reaper, whom she communicates with as she understands what he says all the time. She is very fond of cute things. Her Seiyū is Houko Kuwashima.

Chika Akatsuki {nihongo|Chika Akatsuki|赤月 知佳|Akatsuki Chika}} after surviving an accident with Shito six months prior to the start of the series, is a zombie. His attitude is rather lively and extroverted, but he is also short-tempered; he is often seen beating Michiru for her various failures. He claims to dislike Shito but appears to be fonder of Shito than Shito is of him. Chika is linked with Shito by a spiritual chain, which cannot be seen by normal people. This chain allows them to switch their right hands with each other; due to the terms of their contract, their real right hands, which they both lost in the accident, were switched when they were revived by the Zombie-Loan. With Shito's right hand, which is actually Chika's original right hand, Chika has the ability to generate a katana possessing Shinigami abilities. With the katana, Chika is able to guide the souls of those zombies they defeat to Heaven. Though often seen with a short temper, Chika has a genuine care for those he defeats and often performs their memorial with great sympathy. Though they have free will and emotions, both Chika and Shito are still considered zombies, so his ultimate goal is to regain his life once again. Surprisingly, Chika has a very cheery family, though he does not live with them since he lives in the special dorms with the others. His father turns out to be a doting cross-dresser who annoys Chika constantly by fussing over him. His sister tends to pay more attention to her cellphone and is basically indifferent to what is going on around her, though Chika adores her and wants her affection. However, he is worried that when he gets home, he will be treated like an outcast due to the circumstances surrounding his hand; he is worried that it will rot off all of a sudden and his family will detest and fear him. Much about his mother remains a mystery to him, although in the manga it is revealed that during his childhood years, while his father and little sister were abroad, she had left him alone in the house for work and never returned since, leaving him lonely and hungry. In volume 7 of the manga, he loses control of his sanity due to this sad past and behaves completely like an ordinary zombie, craving for human and zombie flesh. With the help of Michiru and the others, he returns back to normal in time for the hot conflict in which they meet Carmella and Chitose of the ARRC. His Seiyū is Kenichi Suzumura.

Shito Tachibana (橘 思徒, Tachbana Shito?) is referred as the first survivor in the accident six months prior to the series. Due to his looks and attitude, he is seen as an idol by the female students, though he seems to not care. He is generally a much more approachable person than Chika, but certain situations and people cause him to act cold and indifferent. Shito is linked with Chika by a spiritual chain. When he attaches Chika's right hand, or rather his own original right hand, he can generate a 9½ inch revolver, which has the power to harm zombies with its spiritual bullets using his own ectoplasm. In contrast to Chika's ability to guide souls to Heaven, Shito is able to guide souls to Hell. It is not at first known what Shito wants to gain through the contract with the Zombie Loan office; while Chika wants to regain his life, Shito is revealed to never be alive in the first place. It is later revealed to simply be because of the situation with his and Chika's hands being swapped that he agrees to the contract. Shito's feelings toward others are often a mystery, as he keeps them to himself and reveals little of whats on his mind. For instance, though they are always together, Chika and Shito often act far from friends; they are of course only close together because if they are apart, their right hands will begin to rot due to being taken too far from their original owners. However, Shito's actions show that he thinks of Chika as at least a friend. Shito's history is at first shrouded in mystery. It is revealed over time that Shito holds a very high status as a tool of the notorious Xu Fu Mafia. He is acquainted with Toho, a Mafia member, who views him as a "perfect monster", yet also as "disgustingly beautiful" and as an important asset. Shito hates Toho due to the frequent torture that Toho personally inflicted upon Shito himself.

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