Alternative Names:

Kenpuu Denki Berserk


Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1997
Air Date: Oct 7, 1997 to Mar 31, 1998
Episodes: 25
Type: Series
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Fans: 336
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Berserk is the story of Guts an ill-fated mercenary in a medieval-fantasy world. Having lived the life of a soldier almost from birth Guts wanders the country of Midland which has been engaged in a decades long war with it's neighboring country of Chuder seeking to work for one side or the other only caring which offers the best chances for battle at the moment. That is until chance brings him face to face with the mercenary group said to be unbeatable on the battlefield, the Band of the Hawk. After being attacked by a small group of Hawks lead by Corkus and defeating their second in command Caska in combat Guts meets the young and charismatic leader of the band, Griffith. Griffith challenges Gut's to a one on one duel the stakes being no less than Guts's forced entry into the Hawks should he lose and Griffith's life if he wins. This would become the first time Guts tastes the bitter tang of defeat in battle.

In the wars ahead and years to come Guts will experience what it means to have true friends and companions and find his real reason for fighting. However he will also discover the sad truth that men have no control, not even over their own will, and that fate is the cruelest adversary of all.
Extended Information

Berserk is based upon the Manga of the same name written by Kentaro Miura and originally published in Hakusensha's Jets Comics with domestic release by Dark Horse comics. The story follows the first two story arcs of the Manga, the Black Swordsman and the Golden Age. There are many differences between the Manga and Anime all of which were approved by Kentaro Miura and were necessary due to time constraints and the desire to focus the Anime specifically on the Golden Age arc. The most notable change by fan opinion is the omission of the fairy Puck who serves as part side kick, comic relief, and medic to Guts. The story occurs primarily through a flashback and the first episode serves only as a venue to facilitate this event and is also the only episode dealing with the Black Swordsman arc which is much longer and detailed in the Manga. Episodes 2-25 deal exclusively with the Golden Age.

Berserk is licensed in the U.S. by Media Blasters and published under their Anime Works label.


This Anime deals heavily with many psychological ideologies and it is believed that the story is greatly influenced by Carl Jung's theories of analytical psychology. Most notably the idea of a collective universal unconscious in this case represented by the ever present and fickle fate which governs the world by proxy. Rife with violence, adult content, political intrigue, and a very dark outlook on the world this story is unrelenting and both visually and mentally stimulating. It is important to note that though it is a fantasy the story remains gritty with a sometimes all too real outlook on the life of a mercenary in medieval times and highlights the growth of Guts from being a boy looking for a place to kill or be killed to a man who comes to cherish his comrades and their individual dreams and goals.

16 and up

Running Time:
24 minutes per episode

Opening Theme:
"Tell me why" by the PENPALS

Closing Themes:
"Waiting so long" by the Silver Fins
"Forces" by Susumu Hirasawa


Broadcast by:

Oriental Light and Magic

Naohito Takahashi

Executive Producers:
Yoshiko Nagasaki
Mitsuru Oshima

Toshio Nakatani
Toshiaki Okuno

Character Designer:
Yoshihiko Umakoshi

Animation Directors:
Tokuhiro Matsubara
Yuriko Chiba

Music Director:
Susumu Hirasawa

Original Manga:
Kentaro Miura

Episode List

1: The Black Swordsman
2: Band of the Hawk
3: Baptism of Fire
4: Hand of God
5: Sword of Wind
6: Zodd the Immortal
7: The Swordmaster
8: Conspiracy
9: Assassination
10: Nobleman
11: Battle Engagement
12: Two People
13: Suicidal Act
14: Campfire of Dreams
15: The Decisive Battle
16: The Conqueror
17: Moment of Glory
18: Tombstone of Flames
19: Parting
20: The Spark
21: Confession
22: The Infiltration
23: Eve of the Feast
24: Eclipse
25: Perpetual Time

Guts (lead)Nobutoshi Canna
Griffith (lead)Toshiyuki Morikawa
Caska (lead)Yuko Miyamura