Black Lagoon The Second Barrage
Year Produced: 2006
Air Date: Oct 2, 2006 to Dec 18, 2006
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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Black Lagoon The Second Barrage

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Okajima Rokuro - now known almost exclusively as 'Rock' - was once a typical, put-upon Japanese businessman. Then, on a routine business trip, he was kidnapped and ransomed by the Lagoon Company: a band of mercenary pirates operating out of the crime-riddled city of Roanapra. Abandoned by his bosses, he joined the Lagoon Company. Now he must try and stay afloat amongst the ever-shifting politics of the criminal underworld, while simultaneously avoiding death at the hands of his quick-tempered, gun-toting co-worker, 'Two Hand' Revy.
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Benny (lead)Hiroaki Hirata
Dutch (lead)Tsutomu Isobe
Revy (lead)Megumi Toyoguchi
Rokuro Okajima (lead)Daisuke Namikawa
BalalaikaMami Koyama
Eda (person)
Garcia Lovelace
Hansel and Gretel
Mr ChangToshiyuki Morikawa
RottonTomokazu Sugita
SawyerAsami Yaguchi