Blue Gender
Alternative Names:

ブルージェンダー (Japanese)

블루 젠더 (Korean)

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1999
Air Date: Oct 10, 1999 to Mar 31, 2000
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Blue Gender

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BLASSREITER - Episode 1 - Prelude to Despair
It is the story of Yuji Kaido, an average guy who was diagnosed with a serious disease in the near future and was put into cryogenic stasis. When he wakes up, he discovers that a race of insectoid beings called "Blue" have overrun the Earth and that he may very well be the key to the survival of the human race.

The show draws heavy influences from many different science fiction sources, the most prevelent is Starship Troopers, with aliens that look like bugs and the resistance riding in Exoskeleton-like mechas.
Extended Information

R+ - Mild Nudity

Running Time:
~25 min. per episode

Episode titles:
1. One day
2. Cry
3. Trial
4. Agony
5. Priority
6. Relation
7. Sympath
8. Oasis
9. Confirm
10. Tactics
11. Go Mad
12. Progress
13. Heresy
14. Set
15. Calm
16. A sign
17. Eclosion
18. Chaos
19. Collapse
20. Versus
21. Joker
22. Dogma
23. Soliste
24. Compass
25. Adagio
26. Let me

Opening Theme:
"Tokihanate!" by Houko Kuwashima
Ending Theme:
"Ai Ga Oshiete Kureta" by Houko Kuwashima


Toshiba EMI

Production Staff:
Director: Masashi Abe
Series Composition: Katsumi Hasegawa
Screenplay: Katsumi Hasegawa
Music: Kuniaki Haishima
Original creator: Ryousuke Takahashi
Character Design: Fumitomo Kizaki, Koji Watanabe
Art director: Hidetoshi Kaneko
Animation director: Fuminori Kizaki
Mechanical design: Koji Watanabe
Director of Photography: Yasuyoshi Toyonaga
Producer: Bag Min Beob, Hiroaki Inoue, Hiroshi Tazaki, Yasuo Hasegawa
Animation Supervisor: Fumitomo Kizaki, Keiji Hashimoto, Koichi Ohata, Kunihiro Abe
Associate Planning: Ryousuke Takahashi
Color Coordination: Aya Ouchi
Conceptual Mecha Design: Hitoshi Fukuchi
Creature Design: Michael Gencho
Design Work: Takashi Hashimoto
Editing: Toshio Henmi
Planning: Junji Fujita, Toru Miura
Series Organizer: Katsumi Hasegawa
Sound Effect Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Sound Effects: Daisuke Jinbo, Masaru Urahata
Theme Song Arrangement: Hidetoshi Sato (OP), Makihiko Araki (ED)
Theme Song Composition: Hidetoshi Sato (OP), Makihiko Araki (ED)
Theme Song Lyrics: Neko Oikawa
Theme Song Performance: Houko Kuwashima

(source: ANN, AniDB)

Marlene Angel (lead)Houko Kuwashima
Yuji Kaido (lead)Kenji Nojima
Alicia WhistleMiwa Yasuda
Joey HealdHisayoshi Suganuma
Seno MiyagiKatsunosuke Hori
Tony FrostHiroyuki Satou