Bubblegum Crisis
Year Produced: 1987
Air Date: Feb 25, 1987 to Jan 30, 1991
Episodes: 8
Type: Series
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Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis (バブルガムクライシス, Baburugamu Kuraishisu?) is a Japanese cyberpunk direct-to-video animated series. It displays strong influences from Blade Runner, also making occasional references to it.

The series begins in the late 2032, seven years after the Second Great Kanto Earthquake has split Tokyo geographically and culturally in two. During the first episode, disparities in wealth are shown to be more pronounced than in previous periods in post-war Japan.

The main antagonist is Genom, a megacorporation with immense power and global influence. Its main product are boomers - cyberdroids used for manual labor and military purposes. While Boomers are intended to serve mankind, they become deadly instruments in the hands of ruthless individuals. The AD Police are tasked to deal with Boomer-related crimes. One of the series' themes is the inability of the department to deal with threats due to political infighting, red tape, and an insufficient budget.

The Knight Sabers are an all-female mercenary team and have considerable combat abilities using highly advanced suits of powered armor. They battle against long odds to overcome grave threats throughout the OVA series and preserve the overall safety of Mega Tokyo.

The OVA series is eight episodes long. It was originally slated to run for 13 episodes, but due to legal problems between the two studios who jointly held the rights to the series, Artmic and Youmex, the series was discontinued. The problems may have been brought on by the series' lackluster sales in Japan. In North America, however, the series did comparatively well and has remained a fan favorite.

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Brian J MasonShuuichi Ikeda
Daley WongKenyuu Horiuchi
Dr. RavenKenichi Ogata
FargoKouichi Yamadera
LargoKazuyuki Sogabe
Leon McNicholToshio Furukawa
Lisa VanetteAya Hisakawa
Mackie StingrayNozomu Sasaki
QuincyKiyoshi Kawakubo
Reika Chang
Sylia Stingray (lead)Yoshiko Sakakibara
Priscilla Sonoda Asagiri (lead)Kinuko Oomori
Linna Yamazaki (lead)Michie Tomizawa
Nene Romanova (lead)Akiko Hiramatsu
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