Bubblegum Crisis
Year Produced: 1987
Air Date: Feb 25, 1987 to Jan 30, 1991
Episodes: 8
Type: Series
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Bubblegum Crisis

  • PipBadger
    I would love to watch all bubblegum crisis and gal force again
  • TahlavosTahkura17
    Yeah it would be nice to watch this series along side Robotech, the original series of Cutie Honey, and Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Gigantor, The Big O Show, Vandread, and the entire series of Medabots, and Heaven's Lost Property, Gunsmith Cats.
  • fenrysk
    Any chance for CrunchyRoll to get this series licensed? definitely one of my all time favorites
  • tequiladwolf
    I wish this series was on here. It's really top notch stuff.
  • cb1977
    I seem to remember uploading a huge number of pictures for this... which for some reason have completely vanished!