Bungaku Shoujo
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1969
Air Date: Dec 31, 1969 to Dec 31, 1969
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Bungaku Shoujo

The Bungaku Shōjo (文学少女?, lit. Literature Girl) series is a collection of Japanese light novels by Mizuki Nomura, with illustrations by Miho Takeoka. The series started with the release of the first volume on May 10, 2006 entitled "Bungaku Shōjo" to Shinitagari no Piero, and as of April 28, 2008, seven volumes have been published by Enterbrain under their Famitsu Bunko label. A manga adaptation by Rito Kōsaka started serialization in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Gangan Powered on June 21, 2008. Another manga adaptation by Akira Hiyoshimaru started serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's manga magazine Beans Ace on December 10, 2008. An anime movie adaptation has been announced.

Extended Information

As first year student Konoha Inoue is about to leave school, he presences a girl savor a page from the book she is reading. She introduces herself as second year Tōko Amano, the literature girl, and asks him to join the Literature Club so that he doesn't expose her secret. After almost two years of being the sole two members of the club, a strange message arrives. A piece of paper with a drawing that resembles a sketch found on the corner of a poem written by famous Japanese writer Kenji Miyazawa. Further investigation leads them not only to Inoue's past, but to the reason for why he has given up on writing novels for the rest of his life.
The "mysterious school comedy" centers on the unusual members of a high school literary club. Tōko Amano, a high school senior who calls herself the "literary girl" as the club president, is actually a supernatural creature (yōkai) that devours stories — she tears pages from books to munch on them. Her club subordinate is Konoha Inoue, a second-year high school boy who writes stories every day for Amano to eat. He once wrote an award-winning novel, but he wrote it under the penname Miu Inoue so readers thought the author was a mysterious 14-year-old bishōjo novelist. The stress from the novel's fame and its movie and television drama plans turned Inoue in an introverted recluse.
Kana Hanazawa
Daisuke Ono
Nana Mizuki
Shizuka Itou
Mamoru Miyano
Aki Toyosaki