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Bunji Kugashira

Gungrave: Overdose (ガングレイヴO.D., Gangureivu Ōbādōsu?) is a PlayStation 2 third-person shooter video game developed by Ikusabune and published by Red Entertainment in Japan and by Mastiff in North America. The game was released on March 4, 2004 in Japan, September 15, 2004 in North America and October 7, 2005 in the United Kingdom. Gungrave: Overdose picks up where its predecessor left off, follows its main character through a variety of stages on a path of revenge.

Two years after the original, Gungrave, and just approaching of that game's anime spinoff, Gungrave: Overdose was released. Preserving Yasuhiro Nightow's flair and artistic style, this outing adds new playable characters to the series and a new story, in which Grave resumes his tale as an unlikely anti-hero tracking down a sadistic druglord.

The game is also notable for being $14.99 on release for the North American version.

Source: Wikipedia
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