Canvas Motif Of Sepia
Alternative Names:

Canvas ~Sepia-iro no Motif~

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2001
Air Date: Dec 25, 2001 to Mar 25, 2002
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
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Canvas ~Motif of Sepia~

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Canvas ~ Motif of Sepia ~ (Canvas ~セピア色のモチーフ~, Canvas ~ Motif of Sepia ~?) is an anime OVA released in 2001. A sequel was released in 2005 called Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~ ~虹色のスケッチ~ (Canvas2 ~Rainbow Coloured Sketch~).

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]The series focuses on the lives of some students and teachers at Nadesico Academy both at school and their private lives. The main character of the series is Hiroki Kamikura, who lives with his younger cousin Elis. Hiroki is training to become a full-fledged art teacher while also trying to take care of Elis. When his childhood friend Kiri starts working at the school, drama begins to flare as he has to juggle his work, private life, and the feelings for these two important girls. This is a romantic comedy anime.

Elis Housen (lead)Kaori Nazuka
Hiroki Kamikura (lead)Takahiro Sakurai
Kiri Kikyou (lead)Hitomi Nabatame
Hikari Tamaru
Kana HaginoAi Tokunaga
Mami TakeuchiMegumi Toyoguchi
Saya SaginomiyaYuka Inokuchi
Shie SugiharaMiho Miyakawa
Sumire MisakiAya Hirano
Tomoko FujinamiMikako Takahashi