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Voiced by: Makiko Ohmoto (Japanese), Beau Sterling (English)

Carossa is a member of the Claw's society and twin brother of Melissa, though far more aggressive and rash than her. Whenever they are together it is always he who takes the initiative. Both he and Melissa were orphans and as such he has developed a deep need for attention, especially from the Claw. He is also very protective of his sister and will attack anyone who scares her or makes her cry. Nearly from the beginning, he develops a growing sense of animosity of Michael, partly because he becomes the centre of the Claw's attention (due to his importance in his plan) and partly because Melissa develops a crush on him. Both siblings are members of The Original Seven and appear to be the result of research using a mental link between twins. Ray mercilessly kills both of them with his rifle during a last stand to delay the protagonists' approach to the Claw.

Armor: Sin of Friday resembles a Tofan.

Source: Wikipedia
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