Cartoon Kat-Tun
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 4, 2007 to Mar 24, 2010
Episodes: 152
Type: Series
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Fans: 1651
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Cartoon Kat-Tun

Cartoon KAT-TUN is a talk show in which the hosts are from the Johny's group, KAT-TUN. The show began airing on April 4,2007. It airs every Wednesday from 11:55 PM to 12:26. The theme song is Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. Also, the set where they film cartoon KAT-TUN looks exactly like the image on their official website.


This is the main segment of the show where the guest fills out a questionnaire with 100 questions before the show. The questions and answers are displayed on a rotating ring in front of KAT-TUN and the guest during the show. When any of the members have an interest in any of the questions, they simply "touch" the ring and it momentarily stops so the guest can elaborate on their answer. At the official website, under 100Q, all of the question and answers that the guest filled out are there.

It's a game of bingo-darts where they use a five squares by five squares dart board. The first team with five darts in a row (in any direction) wins. If the guest wins, they receive a golden dart, but if KAT-TUN looses five times consecutively they receive a punishment game.

Smiley Athlete No.1 Decision Battle:
This corner is the punishment game received when KAT-TUN looses five consecutive DAT-TUN5 games. They have to complete a series of athletic games while maintaining their smiles. Whoever stops smiling will be punished by the Tickling God. This is when they are strapped to a board, and multiple hands from behind the board mercilessly tickles them.

Dangerous Present Exchange:
A new corner where KAT-TUN and their guest pretend to be smuggling illegal goods, which are actually presents for each other. They come up with special code words, and the gifts are custom made (designed, produced) by KAT-TUN and their guest.

♥disk is a part of the show where they invite various artists to come and talk about their favorite songs. They ask question such as "Do you have any songs in which the lyrics touch you?" and "Which artist influences you the most?".

Love Special
The show's format was completely revamped in June 2008 in favour of a six-month long special in which each KAT-TUN member is given the task to find out the true definition of love by their own means. KAT-TUN is seen seemingly living in an underground bunker where they host guests on the show in each respective member's room. Most conversations revolve around the topics of love and relationships in lieu with the theme though new episodes have not strictly followed the format. A good majority of the new format have also seen KAT-TUN venturing out of the studio to do various activities with guests.
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Host (lead)Akanishi Jin
Host (lead)Kazuya Kamenashi
Host (lead)Tanaka Koki
Host (lead)Taguchi Junnosuke
Host (lead)Ueda Tatsuya
Host (lead)Nakamaru Yuichi
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