Cartoon Kat-Tun
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 4, 2007 to Mar 24, 2010
Episodes: 152
Type: Series
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Fans: 1651
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Cartoon Kat-Tun

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Cartoon Kat-tun Is the BEST SHOW of KAT-TUN!!!!!!

Okay~ I first saw KAT-TUN in a show called SHOUNEN CLUB which airs every Saturday and Sunday... <laughs> when I was still in my 2nd year in high school and I fell in love with them!!! Especially UEDA-kun!!!! <grin>

So when I heard they are going to have their own show, I decided to watch it of course!!!! SO here I am now! Watching it and I LOVE IT!!!! Especially the episode 43 where the guest was Shoko-chan who is an OTAKU!!!! <laughs> while watching I can't help myself but squeal everytime they talk about ANIME!!!

I Like this show really!!!! The funny pose that Junno-kun always do when he introduce their guest and Koki kicking him after he finishes!!! It's so funny!!!!

I like to watch this since KAT-TUN shows their funny side!!!!