Chi Yamada
Last Name: Yamada
First Name: Chi
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Chi Yamada

One day a small naive kitten went walking with her mother, brothers and sisters. Being very young inexperienced, the kitten gets easily distracted. She is particularly attracted to small moving objects. Somewhow the kitten wanders away and gets separated from her sibling’s and mother. Lost, the kitten struggles to find her family and instead is found by a young boy named Youhei. Youhei and his mother take Chi home, however, pets are not allowed in their housing complex, so they try to find a new home for the kitten. After a few days Youhei and his family decide to keep the kitten, and named her "Chi.” While being housebroken, she mistakenly answers to "Chi," (the Japanese word for "small") and this becomes her name.
Extended Information

Although Chi can speak, only viewers and other cats can understand her. The Yamadas, and other animals cannot understand her. Since living with the Yamadas, Chi learned many things being small grey and white kitten with large eyes Chi is scared by larger animals, especially dogs but soon gets over her fears. Eventually, Chi learns to love her new family and friends, learning about the many different things life can bring by meeting new people and animals.
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