Chibodee Crocket
Queen Of Spades
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Chibodee Crocket

Chibodee Crocket (チボデー・クロケット, Chibodē Kuroketo?) is a fictional character from the anime G Gundam. He is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka in the original Japanese Version and by Roger Rhodes in the English dub.

In the fictional Future Century continuity of the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam, the fast and cocky Chibodee Crocket is Neo America's most famous boxer. After the loss of his mother, he grew up in the rough streets of New York City, fighting for his life and support until he finally made his dreams come true, by going to the Neo America space colony and later representing it in the Gundam Fight. At the start of a boxing championship match, Domon Kasshu interrupts by socking a cheap shot punch at Chibodee and challenges him to a Gundam Fight, which Chibodee accepts. During the fight, Chibodee's bodyguards intervene, but teaming up Chibodee and Domon stop them. As the fight ends, Domon defeats Chibodee, but Domon approves that he fought acceptable battles, and Chibodee promises a tougher fight later on.

During Domon's visit to Tokyo, Chibodee is possessed by DG Cells and fights Domon, but is stopped by the Shuffle Alliance. After a brief battle with the Shuffle Alliance, and being healed after being taken over, he receives the crest of the Queen of Spades. Traumatised by such an experience, he almost falls into alcoholism, but when the Chibodee Girls run away to the Guyana Highlands, he goes there and trains with Domon, overcoming his trauma.

Chibodee fought in the finals in Neo-Hong Kong and overcame his fear of clowns from childhood when fighting Romario Manini of Neo-Portugal. When he was young, criminals dressed as clowns raided a circus. Chibodee was held hostage, and his mother disappeared during the attack and is presumed dead. That memory caused him to have severe emotional breakdowns and panic attacks, especially when he heard Romario's laugh, which reminded him of the laugh of the clown that had held him hostage. However, the support of Chibodee's girls gave him the strength to defeat Romario (breaking his mask in the process).

Chibodee fought in the Battle Royale on Lantau Island but helped Domon get to the Devil Gundam by fighting the Grand Gundam alongside George de Sand of Neo-France. His Gundam was damaged when the Grand Gundam exploded injuring both Chibodee and George. However both recovered and helped Domon fight the Grand Master Gundam so Domon could rescue Rain Mikamura and destroy the Devil Gundam once and for all.

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