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Chief Konoe

Descendants of Darkness (闇の末裔, Yami no Matsuei?) is a fantasy manga series created by Yoko Matsushita. The story revolves around shinigami. These Guardians of Death work for Enma Daiō, the king of the dead, sorting out the expected and unexpected arrivals to the Underworld. The manga was serialized in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume from 1995 until the author decided to put the story on hiatus in 2003. The published chapters have been collected in 11 volumes. The English language version is published by VIZ Media. With the exception of three side-stories (one focusing on Tatsumi, and the other two focusing on Oriya and Ukyou), the manga remains on hiatus today. Descendants of Darkness was adapted into an anime series, broadcasted by WOWOW in Japan and distributed in North America by Central Park Media. SciFi Channel USA has scheduled the program as part of its Ani-Monday on November 3 [Nagasaki File 1 and 2], November 10 [Nagasaki File 3], and November 24 [The Devil's Trill 1 and 2] of 2008.

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