Chika Akatsuki
Last Name: Akatsuki
First Name: Chika
Boy B
赤月 知佳
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Chika Akatsuki

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura

Chika is referred to as "Boy B" or simply "B" ("B-san"), titles which greatly irritate him, after surviving an accident with Shito, known as "Boy-A", six months prior to the start of the series. His attitude is rather lively and extroverted, but he is also short-tempered; he is often seen beating Michiru for her various failures. He appears to be fonder of Shito than Shito is of him, being occasionally concerned for his welfare, though he goes into a sulk and rejects Shito completely if they argue.

Chika is linked with Shito by a spiritual chain, which cannot be seen by normal people. This chain allows them to switch their right hands with each other; due to the terms of their contract, their real right hands, which they both lost in the accident, were switched when they were revived by the Zombie-Loan. With Shito's right hand, which is actually Chika's original right hand, Chika has the ability to generate a katana possessing Shinigami abilities. With the katana, Chika is able to perform spiritual memorials for zombies they defeat. Though often seen with a short temper, Chika has a genuine care for those he defeats and often performs their memorial with great sympathy.
[Edit]He was born March 23 and seems to be around 16-17 years of age
He is a zombie.

Surprisingly, Chika has a very cheery family, though he does not live with them since he lives in the special dorms with the others. His father turns out to be a doting cross-dresser who annoys Chika constantly by fussing over him. His sister tends to pay more attention to her cellphone and is basically indifferent to what is going on around her, though Chika adores her and wants her affection. However, he is worried that when he gets home, he will be treated like an outcast due to the circumstances surrounding his hand; he is worried that it will rot off all of a sudden and his family will detest and fear him.