Chitose Tateyama
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Chitose Tateyama

Chitose Tateyama (楯山千歳, Tateyama Chitose) is the leader of the Muto-Assassination team. Like Bravo and Hiwatari, Chitose was part of the Shousei Team. She is depicted as a serious woman who specializes in scouting and chores, and who appears to like to cosplay, though she denies this. She initially has a long braid and frequently cries, but is depicted as matureing after the Shousei Team missing. She is an expert in paring apples. In the anime, she leads the team that searches for Victor, composed of Inukai, Busujima, Maruyama, and Shusui, but they are defeated and only escape when Chitose uses her Buso Renkin, Hermes Drive, to teleport everyone out. She attends Captain Bravo when he is in the hospital while recovering from his battle with Kazuki.

Chitose uses Kakugane XCV, manifesting as the Buso Renkin Hermes Drive, a hexagonal radar that can detect enemies and allies. It can also be used to teleport objects up to 100 kg. The Hermes Drive itself can also be used as a mini-shield and as a hitting weapon. Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi (Japanese), Deborah Sale Butler (English)

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