Chouhi Yokutoku
Last Name: Yokutoku
First Name: Chouhi
Rin Rin
Gender: Female
Type: Person
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Chouhi Yokutoku

Chōhi is a talkative and always cheerful girl. Although she is small and very smart in some things, she is naive in others, yet very powerful and strong, capable of competing against Kan'u in armed melee combat. She is one of the main characters and the first person to join Kan'u. Chōhi will also be very dedicated to her duty no matter what the cost to her (in one episode, for example, she fights bandits despite having a cold.)

During the second season, she was opposed of Ryūbi of becoming Kan'u little sister as Chōhi was already made a vow with Kan'u to be her little sister but accepted when Ryūbi decides to make Kan'u her little sister instead. By the third season, she has accepted Ryūbi as her other older sister and even calling her Touka nee-chan. She wears a hairpin in the shape of a round yellow "smiley face" that changes expressions according to Chōhi's mood.

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