Clannad: Another World Tomoyo Chapter
Alternative Names:

Clannad: Mo hitotsu no sekai


Clannad ~ Tomoyo Edition

Clannad DVD Special

Clannad DVD OVA

Clannad Final Episode

Clannad Episode 24

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Jul 16, 2008 to Jul 16, 2008
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Clannad: Another World Tomoyo Chapter

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interesting idea, poor story

It was nice to see a plot thread that was unceremoniously cut short in the show explored in more depth. I will say that I was disappointed with how the story turned out, but I'm still happy to see it addressed.
The biggest drawback is the characters behavior, which goes quite a bit off in an attempt to force more drama in the show. Tomoyo has been working hard to reinvent herself and her relationships in the community, and she has a goal to save some local trees. Tomoya is still a slacker. This is where this alternate world starts and it lines up with the actual show very well.
Unfortunately the story develops Tomoyo's character a lot, she grows and changes over the course of this story, but Tomoya does not. This is completely contrary to how he is depicted in the show. It was grating to see him just passively pining after Tomoyo as she was working so hard, when if he were true to his representation in the show he would have been right along side her the whole time with his sleeves rolled up.
The Tomoyo chapter is a failure as it completely gets Tomoya's character wrong in order to force more drama into the short amount of time they have to tell the story. They should have just done something more cute and funny, it would have suited both characters much better and done this idea true justice.