Clannad - Movie
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Started Sep 15, 2007
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Clannad - Movie

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Clannad the Motion Picture

I had the greatest pleasure of seeing the best anime of all time early on in the beginnings of watching anime. The movie following the series did NOT disappoint. The characters look slightly different but in greater hd and the movie follows the original story line pretty well, but like most movies they have to leave things out (-.-) If you LOVE Clannad and Clannad: After Story as much as i did, I highly recommend seeing this to relive the masterpiece that is Clannad :)
-- p.s. This is just a 14 year old chick otaku's opinion, so you can choose to take me seriously or not, your choice. BUT you will be seriously missing out ;D
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:

A fairER review of Clannad the Movie

Do not pay attention to that one reviewer who stated "what is with this F***ing movie". She doesn't understand the facts. This movie was made BEFORE the animated tv show. So do not say "Oh my gosh they destroyed the Dango song". Here we go. My review. I will state that I was worried about it when I read its plot. This might contain some spoilers but its better to see the thing yourself. If your a Clannad fan like me. Let it through once and let it be as it is. To me, its an alternative view of Clannad's main plot with Tomoya and Nagisa. The voice of Tomoya is different than who did Tomoya from the animation tv show. Mostly everyone else has the same voice. The music is fun, energetic, happy and dramatic. Several fateful characters that appeared in the TV show and the visual novel do seem to have little to no role or they are just cameos. Also Tomoya's buddy Sunohara is more "realistic" and less "goofy". He has a more caring view and at the point where Tomoya has a melt down (will get to that soon) actually breaks down and cries at how he cannot do anything for his friend. That is very emotional. The character's reactions in the movie do have a huge success in hitting at the right spot. During Tomoya's breakdown, we get a scene where Tomoya is sitting alone in the dark in the room not talking. He sits there till his caring friends, Tomoyo and Sunohara stop by (after work) and try to comfort him. Tomoyo makes him dinner but poor Tomoya sits there almost emotionless (other than sadness). This tragic figure doesn't talk. That is very deep in my taste. Due to his loss, he has a mirrored image of his father. Even his father has a huge role in this movie. He goes to his son, depressed horribly, trying to warn him. He tries to make up being (what he thought) as a irresponsible father. This a HUGE moment for me. A father and son talk. The ending does have questions. He meets Ushio (not going to tell who that is, but fans know who that is). But how? His friends and family of course. Caring supportive people help him. Despite him being depress, they have him brought and meet Ushio. There he and Ushio meet and to be honest, made me cry. The warm feeling was very deep as well. Its not like the main series. But do not hate this movie. This was before the tv show was invented. Also this is the first and possibly ONLY Clannad-related material where all the characters sing the Dango song. Everyone. Nagisa, Tomoyo, Kyou, Tomoya,etc. If your fan, please, I recommend it. Its worth it. It might be different but let it pass through you. Sit, relax, and enjoy Clannad. It still has its themes placed like the tv show. This a good start on what made Clannad 100% beautiful. Trust me.