Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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Kokoro Connect - Episode 1 - A Story That Had Already Begun Before Anyone Realized It
Chinami Ebihara is girl with a strange ability to generate electromagnetic waves when her emotions run high. However, since this 'ability' affects anything electrical, it resulted in her having to transfer from school to school when she was younger. Once she enters high school, she once again affects the electronic devices in the school, but this time, when another student, Kotaro Kannagi, sees her do this, he becomes obsessed in studying her "TYPE-E" ability.
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Chinami Ebihara (lead)Mai Hashimoto
Kotaro Kannagi (lead)Katsuhito Nomura
Adol BrinbergHiroshi Kamiya
FujiwaraAkiyo Kanada
Keiko KomatsunaHaruko Momoi
Mils BrinbergMegumi Toyoguchi
Sonomi Kujo
Yuma SaihashiRisa Mizuno