Czeslaw Meyer
Last Name: Meyer
First Name: Czeslaw
チェスワフ・メイエル Romaji Chesuwafu Meieru (チェス
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Czeslaw Meyer

Czeslaw has been an immortal since 1711- aboard the Advent Avis ship where he gained access to immortality. He’d set sail along with his father figure and guardian- Fermet. After that event, Fermet set him up as his personal ‘lab rat’ and imploded many life-threatening experiments on his body. Czeslaw, only around the age of 10 at the time, suffered obnoxiously from the so-called "experiments". He later turns to ‘eat’ his guardian, and became mentally scarred and aware as to what horrendous nature immortality can inflict upon humans.

After that traumatic event, Czeslaw suffered from shock and felt very threatened. He became rather paranoid and convinced that the other immortals are out to get him. He’s pushed into a delusional state that he must "eat" them before they can "eat" him. For the past 200 years he has been keeping a low profile and secretly manipulates people into crimes of killing another if he suspects them of also being an immortal.
Extended Information

Physical appearance:
His physical appearance is rather bland. With clean features and an innocent demeanor, he’s forever stuck appearing as a typical 10 year old. At first glance he may not be very eye catching. Soft young face, bright brown eyes. His chestnut/ almost black hair leans to the left side of his head and is cleanly cut tucked and combed. Physical appearance is not his strong point, but Czeslaw wouldn’t deny that years of living a harsh crude life has some benefits as he claims to posses a "hidden strength" behind those fragile bones of his.

Czeslaw’s trademark and distinctive clothing of choice would be his hat. His beige slightly slanted cap that is large enough to cover his eyes and occasionally sits on top of his head. He frequently pulls on it for comfort when he he starts thinking to himself as well as when he is having a one-to-one talk with someone. His style of clothing in general tends to be of the fashion around the 1730’s. All in all he looks rather well groomed but goes to great lengths to not wear anything flashy that will make him stand out. As a result he is quite skilled at blending in when in public and is often overlooked.

Czeslaw is emotionally still a child. His display of feelings and reflex actions to unexpected situations remain basically the same to any other young boys as a result. When confronted he is more likely to simply cry, scream, or run in fear than anything else should he be unprepared for the encounter.

He is also rather lonesome, though he goes to great lengths to ignore this feeling as best he can. He’s sometimes clueless about what he wants or needs and consequently often runs into trouble as a result. He has never known love or friendship but he is finally beginning to understand what love really is through his only true guardian Ennis.

Czeslaw still finds it hard to let go completely of his past but he has progressed gradually from his timid and shy personality to become more energetic. Due to his age he can also sometimes act in a much more mature nature than his appearance would suggest as well though it is hard to tell if he is really aware of this himself.