Daddy Long Legs
Tags: drama, family
Year Produced: 1990
Episodes: 40
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Judy Abbott
By Michitaka Kobayashi
Type: Series
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Daddy Long Legs

Watashi no Ashina ga Ojisan

Judy, a cheerful and smart girl, grew up in an orphanage and now attends a private high school with one gentleman's financial support. She has no idea who he is, so she simply calls him "Daddy Long Legs". She often writes to him about her active life. She laughs, cries, and sometimes feels romantic. Jarvis is the charming and handsome man she cares for.

This is a wonderful "Cinderella story".
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Judy Abbott (lead)Michitaka Kobayashi
Yoku Shioya
CarrieYuko Kobayashi
Hisako Kyouda
EmilyYuriko Fuchizaki
Kenichi Ogata
GriggsHiroshi Masuoka
Jervis PendletonHideyuki Tanaka
Jimmie McBrideBin Shimada
Judy AbbottMitsuko Horie
Julia PendletonYuri Amano
Leonora FentonHiromi Tsuru
Masako Katsuki
Sallie McBrideChie Satou
SloaneYoshino Ohtori