Dark Mousy
Last Name: Mousy
First Name: Dark
Gender: Male
DN Angel
By Ryotaro Okiayu
Type: Person
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Dark Mousy

Dark Mousy (ダーク・マウジー, Dāku Maujī?), also known as Kaito Dark (怪盜・マウジー, Kaitō Dāku?), is a fictional character in the anime and manga series D.N.Angel created by Yukiru Sugisaki. He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu in the Japanese version, and Vic Mignogna in the English dub. In the Wink drama CDs, he's voiced by Masaya Onosaka.

Candid, confident,and very sexy, Dark can also appear to be arrogant and something of a playboy, flirting shamelessly with girls. Dark is a notorious flirt, but there are very few he truly cares about. In the anime, he said that he is willing to kiss anyone since it is like a greeting to him rather than something meaningful. After Dark's reappearance, Daisuke's crush, Risa Harada, falls in love with him and begins to pursue him. He initially flirts with her, seemingly to annoy Daisuke, and goes on several dates with her. However, as the series progresses, Dark seems to develop feelings for Risa, particularly after she sincerely answers when he asks what she would do if he were a monster. She replies that she would still love him, and Daisuke says that he feels Dark's feelings for her, that maybe he's falling in love with her. When she is taken by Argentine, Dark is furious and vows to show no mercy

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