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Deneve (デネヴ, Denevu) is #15 among the Claymores and has partially awakened, though she succeeded in reverting to her normal state. She possesses a calm and understanding personality but can be a perfectionist. Her regeneration ability is exceptional, even for a defensive fighter.

Like many Claymores, Deneve is a survivor of a Yoma attack. After a Yoma killed their parents, her elder sister hid Deneve under a bed. While the Yoma proceeded to kill her sister, Deneve managed to remain hidden. As a Claymore, she desired vengeance, but her desire to live was stronger than her desire for revenge, and so she became a defensive warrior with offensive abilities weaker than that of most of her comrades. Ashamed of what she regarded as her cowardice, she fought suicidally until she met Helen, who told her that it is natural for Claymores to want to live; they are only human. This deeply affects Deneve, who becomes virtually inseparable from her new friend.

Deneve was first introduced as a team member in Clare's first hunt for awakened beings. Surviving the near suicidal mission has created a strong bond between the team members, which was made stronger yet when they found they all shared the same experience of having nearly awakened. These four "trouble" warriors would later reunite for yet another suicide mission in the North.

During the North Campaign, Deneve deduces the reason for Undine's powers, attitude, and extra sword, thus earning her respect. She survived the Northern Campaign along with six others. She is haunted by feelings of weakness for her perceived inability to avenge Undine's death. Deneve currently carries the fallen Undine's sword in memory of her captain. After seven years in hiding, she has learned to use both swords in battle and like her former captain, has learned to enhance her muscles to augment her strength, to a point where she was easily able to cut through Agatha. She has decided to go to Helen's hometown with her while Clare goes to the west.

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