Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target
Alternative Names:

Meitantei Conan: Jyuuyonbanme no Target

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1998
Air Date: Apr 18, 1998 to Apr 18, 1998
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target

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Case Closed: the Fourteenth Target is the second of the Detective Conan movies. It was released in Japanese theaters on April 18th, 1998. The English version was released on DVD on November 20, 2007, by Funimation. The movie grossed ¥1.05 billion in Japan.

In this movie, Rachel (Ran) has a nightmare about her mother dying and starts to regain specific memories about the event. Meanwhile, people who have some relation to "The Great" Richard Moore (Mori Kogoro) have been attacked. All of the victims' names correspond to a playing card. These people were targeted in order, from King down to Ace. The police conclude that the attacker wants revenge on Richard Moore, but as these injuries become murders, Conan becomes involved a race to predict who the next victim will be. He soon discoverers something quite different from what the police suspected, while learning about an incident from 10 years ago.

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Conan Edogawa (lead)Minami Takayama
Shinichi Kudo (lead)
Ayumi Yoshida (lead)
Hiroshi Agasa (lead)Kenichi Ogata
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (lead)Ikue Ohtani
Genta Kojima (lead)Wataru Takagi
Ran Mouri (lead)Wakana Yamazaki
Kogoro Mouri (lead)Akira Kamiya
Eri Kisaki (lead)Gara Takashima
Kaneto Shiozawa
Juzo Megure
Sonoko SuzukiNaoko Matsui