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This article contains a list of all film releases from the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT anime series. In total, throughout the entire story arc of the Dragon Ball series, there are 16 films, 4 specials, and an OVA. All of the films (excluding the specials and OVA) were originally released in Japanese theatres, with the odd limited release in the United States. The English dubbed films were released and edited (partial nudity, blood, language, etc.) by FUNimation, while most of the films were released under different titles.[citation needed] Uncut versions of the films were (and are currently being) released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Dragon Ball franchise creator, Akira Toriyama (see his Dragon Ball manga series) contributed towards the character designs in the films. Toriyama also wrote the stories for all the Dragon Ball films, however, he had very little control over how the film's plot would tie-in to the manga storyline.[citation needed] This led to many contradictions to the rest of the series and made it difficult to fit in the series' timeline. This also made the films have non-canon What if? scenarios rather than events that relate to its manga counterpart.[citation needed]

The Dragon Ball films are all direct retellings of sagas with minor to significant changes, while the Dragon Ball Z films were entirely new stories made to fit between sagas.[citation needed]

In all, the series there are three films with a 10th Anniversary special from Toriyama's Dragon Ball anime, thirteen films alongside two TV specials from his series continuation, Dragon Ball Z, and finally a Dragon Ball GT special. Although sometimes the OVA is included in this group. In addition to these there are two live-action Dragon Ball films, the first unofficial Chinese planned for release in 2009.

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