Dragon Ball
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1986
Air Date: Feb 26, 1986 to Apr 19, 1989
Episodes: 153
Type: Series
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Dragon Ball

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This followed Goku on his original quest. There are lots of silly gags and toilet humor, as well as some great character acting. As his quest continues, he picks up lots of friends and enemies. Upon the completion of a quest, it must begin again since the Dragonballs are scattered, leading to new & even more bizarre adventures. Most villains belong to the "Red Ribbon" organization of which the most deadly assassin is Tao Pai Pai.

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Bulma (lead)Hiromi Tsuru
Kame Sennin (lead)
Kuririn (lead)Mayumi Tanaka
Piccolo (lead)Toshio Furukawa
Son Goku (lead)Masako Nozawa
Yamcha (lead)Tohru Furuya