Duel Masters
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Duel Masters

In Duel Masters, Shobu and Benny Haha's duel continues as Benny Haha turns the crowd against him until Hakuoh's spirit encourages him to continue. When Benny Haha is defeated, Yumama imprisons him makes a deal with someone who can defeat Shobu and duels Extreme Bucketman. Benny Haha and Boy George plan their escape from their imprisonment. What will happen?
[Edit]Shobu Kirifuda loves to play the special trading-card game, Duel Masters. For many, Duel Masters is just a fun game, but for others it is much more. A few elite players can actually bring the card creatures to life. Doing so requires passion and discipline, as well as a type of martial art, Kaijudo, "The Art of Battling with Giant Monsters," which helps develop and strengthen this ability. Shobu is a good and passionate duelist but has yet to learn his true potential. He quickly discovers that he can tap into the power of an alternate dimension where creatures and the magic in the game actually exist. Shobu learns that, like his father before him, he possesses the power to be a Kaijudo master. As Shobu continues to search for his missing father, who has vanished into the card dimension, he gains notoriety and skill as a duelist and is often guided by memories of his father. What appears to be an ordinary game becomes a very real battle for Shobu. This power brings him in contact with others who share this ability, some good and some evil.
Shobu Kirifuda (lead)Yumiko Kobayashi
Junko Minagawa
Kyoshiro Kokujo (lead)Daisuke Kishio
Katsuyuki Konishi
Saki Nakajima
Yuka Imai
Saeko Chiba
Mimi TasogareSaki Nakajima
Kan Tanaka
Katsuyuki Konishi