Eureka Seven Movie
Alternative Names:

Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN: good night

sleep tight

young lovers Kōkyōshihen Eureka Sebun: Poketto ga Niji de Ippai

literally "Pocket Full of Rainbows"

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2009
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Eureka Seven Movie

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This is another version of the story of Renton and Eureka. For almost half a century, mankind has battled a mysterious organism from space called “EIZO.” In 2054, there is a young soldier on board the fighter aircraft commanded by Holland, GEKKO, of the renegade group GEKKOSTATE, who is battling EIZO. The young soldier’s name is Renton. He boards Nirvash and heads for the battlefield. He has only one dream: to rescue his childhood friend, Eureka, who was kidnapped eight years ago and return to his hometown. Fate, however, brings tribulations to test the young love between Renton and Eureka --mission and emotion, truth and lie, past and future, life and death, reality and dream and even Holland – the entire world stand in the way of the two as the final battle with EIZO approaches…

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Extended Information

Alternative Synopsis:

The movie is set in a world where mankind has been at war with the mysterious lifeforms known as Image for over half a century. Renton joined the battleship Gekko-go as a member 8 years ago to search for the kidnapped Eureka. Now, in the battlefield, he will meet her again.

Dominic is supposed to be a teacher to Renton and Eureka when they lived in Warsaw 8 years ago. One day after telling them about the legend surrounding the Snow Moon Flowers, he vanishes. Eureka is described as a young girl whose body reacts strangely to direct sunlight. She’s captured by the military and kept as their most guarded secret. To get her back, he entered the military. 8 years later, Renton will enter the battlefield with his favorite mech Nirvash.

The article goes on to specify that the story is brand new, and while the names and circumstances might be the same, the worldview and scenario is completely original. It also mentions that while there will be many new animated scenes in the movie, “by rearranging the scenes from the TV series footage, a brand new story and drama can be shown.”


The movie is set in 2054 AD, and Holland is the captain of the Gekko-go, a ship leading the 303th Independant Combat Division fighting the war against the Image lifeforms. Renton is the Nirvash pilot on board the Gekko-go, fighting in the military because he wants to find Eureka and get her back. The love story between Renton and Eureka is a test of the bonds of love. They will have to face duty and emotions, truth and lies, the past and the future, life and death, reality and dreams, and Holland himself. The story will lead to the climax of the war against the Image, and show the entire world the birth of a new mythology.

Movie details:

The theme of the movie is “rebirth” and the movie is considered a rebirth of the Eureka 7 themes, characters and designs.The footage in the movie will be a mix of “lots of brand new footage” as well as “footage adapted from the TV series footage”, creating a brand new feature. The movie is NOT a re-edit movie, and there will be over 40% of brand new footage that is not based on any TV footage. The movie is 115 minutes long.

Staff details:

Kyoda is not just the overall director of the project, but also the script editor. This means Dai Sato is not involved with this movie like he was in the TV series. Muraki is the special effects director specifically in charge of mecha battle scenes in the movie. One of his accomplishments in the movie is said to be a single continous aerial combat scene that lasts for 12.5 seconds.

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Eureka (lead)
Renton Thurston (lead)
AnemoneAmi Koshimizu
Dominic SorelShigenori Yamazaki
Holland NovakKeiji Fujiwara
MatthieuAkio Nakamura
MischaYoko Soumi
MoondoggieMichiko Neya
Talho YuukiMichiko Neya